Could Danilo Gallinari to Philly be the Best Trade Options for Both Teams?

Well, it's pretty obvious. Both of these teams need shooters, and besides Dennis Schroeder, Gallinari is pretty much the only real shooter they have. The Sixers on the other hand, have a great shooter in Shake Milton, but he was unable to put up consistent numbers when starting at point guard. So, I'm not going to lie, coming up with this trade was pretty hard, but I think I've came up with something that both teams might be able to agree on.

76ers get:

Danilo Gallinari

OKC gets:

Shake Milton

Alec Burks

2020 2nd round pick (34th)

I know 76ers fans probably don't like this, as most Philly fans are fans of both of the players that I would be trading, especially Alec Burks. Also take into consideration that this is with Chris Paul on another team. I would not include Shake Milton in here if Chris Paul were staying. Therefore I would say Schroeder would take over the starting point guard role, and Milton would back him up. This trade gives OKC two shooters in the positions that they lack depth in. Shake Milton would fluctuate between playing PG and SG, as he is 6'5. Since I am counting Chris Paul as gone, Milton would technically be the backup PG and SG, as that is currently what Schroeder is now. Alec Burks can play SF or SF. Yes, he is listed as a guard, but he is 6'6 and is well capable out playing SF, and that's where the Thunder would need him to play. If Burks came in, he would start the very first game, taking the place of Luguentz Dort. Andre Roberson would play infrequently and would be that "third guy" that could play at either SG or SF.

What does Philadelphia get out of this trade? Danilo Gallinari perfectly fits what the 76ers need, and I do mean, perfectly. We all saw the experiments Brett Brown did last year to try not to get fired, and they all failed miserably. Sixers fans were optimistic and happy to see Brown finally making changes to the Sixers offense only to get sweeped in the first round of the playoffs. Anyway, it's clear that Shake Milton at starting PG and Simmons at starting PF isn't going to work, and we already know Al Horford at starting PF hasn't work, and will not work in the future. Danilo Gallinari can solve that problem. He is a shooter, which we all know the Sixers need, but he's a PF, meaning that Al Horford would come off the bench, and Ben Simmons could still play PG. Ben Simmons is pretty much great anywhere, but I think he's most comfortable and used to the PG spot. We know that Simmons and Embiid do like to run the pick and roll, they just don't always look too comfortable while doing it, and it could certainly use some work. Danilo Gallinari could help with this too. Gallo did a lot of PnRs with Chris Paul this year in OKC, and he could bring that to the Sixers. As for Terrance Ferguson, the 76ers are getting someone who can really get off the ground. Despite only being 6'6, Ferguson poses a significant threat to big men when driving to the hoop. This is good for the 76ers because even though their players like to get into the paint, it seems they often struggle to come up with points on a consistent basis.

Thunder fans reading this are probably wondering, why are we getting rid of our second best player behind Chris Paul? Well, Gallo is getting old, I know he doesn't look like it, but he's 32, and the Thunder need to make room for new guys like Darius Bazley. It's clear Gallo still has plenty of gas left in the tank, but it's unsure how much, and I think that's something that the Thunder do not want to risk, and the Sixers do.

Well, that is all I have. I'm not the type of guy who does sim-trades, but I really do think that Danilo Gallinari is the perfect fit for Philly, and I think the Thunder could get a lot in return. Please let me know in the comments what you think and what you would change!

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