Crazy NBA Facts and Stories That You Probably Didn't Know.

Here are some interesting facts and stories that are very strange, and obscure that could make you re-think what you thought was obvious.

Scottie Pippen leads the Bulls farther into the playoffs without MJ, than MJ did without Pippen.

Michael Jordan played three years in the NBA (1984-1986) without Scottie Pippen. In all three years, MJ and his crew lost in the Eastern Conference First Round and finished under .500 each year. MJ didn't have a lot of help, aside from key scoring contributions from Orlando Woolridge and an old George Gervin.

In Scottie Pippen's one year playing without MJ in Chicago, he and his squad full of All-Stars Eastern Conference Semis. In 1994, they finished 55-27, with three all-stars in Scottie Pippen, BJ Armstrong, and Horace Grant. Pippen even finished 3rd in MVP voting proving he can produce without the goat. They took the Knicks to seven games but lost by 10. By no means am I saying Pippen>MJ, it's just a cool fact that I've never really thought about.

The Los Angeles Clippers could go 82-0 for the next eight seasons, and still be under .500 as a franchise.

As of now, from the Braves to the Clippers they have a total W-L of 1659-2383 which is a .410% win-loss percentage. The Clippers have always been a bad franchise with only 16 winning seasons since 1970, and nine of them are from 2010 and on. They've had very minimal experience in the playoffs, never making it to a conference finals. Some recognizable players to wear the red and blue are future HOF Chris Paul, and HOFers Bob McAdoo and Bill Walton. Aside from that, a few HOFers spent a year with the Clippers such as Grant Hill, Adrian Dantley, Dominique Wilkins, and Jamaal Wilkins but most were past their prime. Today though, Clippers fans have a dynamic duo for the second year in a row and are a top-five team in the NBA.

No NBA player has worn the number 69.

After a long and wild 13 year career, Dennis Rodman settled in Dallas for his final tenure in the NBA. Dennis the Menace is no ordinary NBA player, from headbutting a referee in the game and skipping a pregame practice before the 1998 NBA Finals, to being fined $50,000 for disrespecting Mormon culture he's been through it all, and for his final request, Rodman requested to wear #69 for the Dallas Mavericks in 1999. Both Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and NBA Commissioner David Stern vetoed the idea. Rodman then wore #70 for the next 12 games until he was released.

Speed Round: For the rest of the article, I couldn't find too many crazy stories/facts with a story like the ones above, so I'm going to give some more with just some extra background information.

All of the 2015 Mavericks PG all had the same birthday.

In 2015, the Mavericks had three point guards rostered. They were Deron Williams, Raymond Felton, and J.J. Barea who all were born on June 26th, 1984.

Lebron James career stats are 21/7/7 but he has never actually scored 27 points, got seven rebounds, and seven assists in a game.

The 16x All-Star, and 4x MVP has put up some crazy stat lines. He's put up 52 points, 11 rebounds, and nine assists vs. Melo and his Knicks, and has even scored 61 points on 66% shooting vs. Charlotte in 2014. However, the NBA great has never put up his career averages in a single game before.

The last 37 NBA Finals have included at least one of Shaquille O'Neal's former teammates.

Shaq played 17 years in the NBA, dating back to 1993. O'Neal played for six different teams and was part of the early 2000s Lakers where they won three NBA Finals. His teammate in 1984 was Greg Kite, who was teammates with Shaq in Orlando, and in 2020 was Rajon Rondo, LeBron James, and Jared Dudley. 2019 was Danny Green, and 2018 was LeBron James. Without LeBron, this stat would look totally different!

Luke Ridnour was once traded four different times in less than a week.

Luke Ridnour aka Frodo was having a wild week. Early in the morning on June 24th, 2015 the day started with him being traded from the Orlando Magic to the Memphis Grizzlies for Jãnis Timma, who never played a second in the NBA.

After a full 22 hours, the Grizzlies were tired of Ridnour and he was shipped to Charlotte for Matt Barnes.

Not even three hours later, he was forwarded to the Thunder along with a second-round pick for Jeremy Lamb.

And less than a week later, on June 30th, he was traded to Toronto to free $2.8M in cap space. And on July 15th, he was waived from Toronto and ultimately retired.

Every TJ that has ever played in the NBA has been on the Indiana Pacers, and three of them are all on the Pacers right now.

In the history of the NBA, there have been only four players with the name TJ. TJ Ford, TJ Leaf, TJ Warren, and TJ McConnell. Before you look it up, yes there was a player rostered on the Charlotte Hornets named TJ Williams who did play three preseason games with them in 2019, however, he never made an actual NBA Appearance. TJ Ford was on the Pacers in the early 2000s, and the rest of the TJ's are all rostered on the Pacers this past season.

Bubba Wells fouled out of an NBA game in less than three minutes

The Dallas Mavericks had a plan to try and stop the Bulls in 1997. They planned on fouling Dennis Rodman six times, forcing him to take free throws. Obviously, Rodman is a terrible free throw shooter which is why they did this. It ended up not paying off as Rodman went 9/12 on the line and the Bulls were in the bonus for nine minutes straight after that.

Did you guys know these? Leave a comment if you did and which one you found most interesting.

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