Devin Booker to the Timberwolves

This is a big trade rumor that has been going on right now. This is definitely a possibility and I will give you my opinion on this.

The important thing we have to remember is that Devin Booker, Karl Anthony-Towns, and D'angelo Russell are all great friends! KAT and Devin Booker played basketball in college together at Kentucky!! This means that there is a connection between the players and this isn't just some random rumor.

Now you may be thinking, Wouldn't Devin Booker want to continue playing in Phoenix where he is already respected and has a good young core around him? To be honest Devin Booker may want to stay in that situation, but I think he also wants out of that situation at the same time. The problem stands that Booker has been on the Suns for 5 years and they haven't made a single playoff appearance due to the lack of talent around him. And if were being real, I don't think Suns can prove they can win before Booker decides he wants to leave. That will be disappointing for Suns fans but I'm pretty sure Devin Booker wants to win games.

Which would lead him to wanting to play in Minnesota. Just imagine a big three of KAT, Devin Booker, and D'angelo Russell! That would be pretty scary to say the least. My only problem with this team is that their may be a lack of defense because there 3 stars dominate more on offense, but they could more than likely fix that problem by getting other assets that can make up for the lack of defense. Also, they would probably have to give up some valuable players like Malik Beasly, Jarret Culver, and Josh Okogie to get Booker. Although I think it would be worth it.

This team may take a little bit to adjust to each other like we have seen in the past, but once they have everything figured out, this team will be set for the future!! The great thing about this isthat they are all super young still. KAT is 24, D'angelo Russell is 24, and Booker is 23. Even if it takes some time for them to really start to dominate, it wouldn't really matter that much. Now this could be entirely wrong and none of this could happen, but I'm willing to bet this trade happens.

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