Do Teams Need to be Concerned about the Suns?

Yes. Teams need to be worried about the Suns and this confidence wave they are currently riding. Players apart of the Suns organization are stepping up and playing better basketball like Cameron Johnson and Cameron Payne. This team is looking great with off the ball movement and chemistry, which just shows how important chemistry is to a team's success. A team with top three players being Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton and then, I really don't know who you would put second on the list. (It would normally be Kelly Oubre Jr. but he's been injured for what's felt like forever.) Meanwhile, a team like the 76ers has Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, Josh Richardson, Shake Milton, and Al Horford, yet they are still struggling, and if I were to bet, I'd say the Suns would beat the Sixers.

Of course, Devin Booker has been going off, and this only helps the Suns. With a terrific passing point guard in Ricky Rubio, players like Booker, Johnson, Payne (I could keep going because they have a lot of good shooters) who are good three point shooters, will be able to get open looks for three. Plus, the offensive play call that Monty Williams and the Suns coaching staff uses is clearly working as I said before, their off ball movement has been great and has led to many open shots.

This time off has really given Monty Williams and the coaching staff the opportunity to come up with new plays, matchups, tweak the plays, and any other stuff that needed to be done, and we can see that Williams clearly needs to be respected as an NBA head coach. After Igor Kokoskov was fired, the Suns hired Monty Williams to come in and take control of the head coaching job in Phoenix. I think people are forgetting Williams' coaching experience and expertise, as he was the youngest head coach in the NBA in 2010, he was 38. At 48, I think Williams has many better years in front of him with this young and talented Suns team.

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