Dwayne Haskins and His Future With the Washington Football Team

With Alex Smith returning to football after being cleared, what does the future look like for this former Ohio State product? Is he the long term QB in Washington, or will he end up like every Ohio State QB that has been drafted in the 2000s?


Dwayne Haskins had a wild rookie season. In his defense, he was set up to fail when his coaches decided to play him and keep him as their starter for the remainder of his rookie campaign. Dwayne was neither physically or mentally prepared for his time in the NFL to begin, some might say that is his fault because he should have been ready. The 2019 15th overall pick has been named the week 1 starter VS the Philadelphia Eagles after he had a rather impressive camp and offseason.

Last year, he went 2-5 as a starter and recorded 119 passes on 203 attempts for 1365 yards(ranked 34th) and 7 touchdowns(ranked 33rd), while throwing 7 interceptions and completing 58.6% of his passes. He threw 11 interceptable passes which ranked 30th and he had 16 possible plays that could have resulted in a turnover. Despite all the negative, I do believe Haskins can be the quarterback that ends the failure of OSU QBs in the NFL. Over the offseason Haskins lost weight, gained muscle, worked out with teammates, and improved on his throwing.

A head coach like Ron Rivera is important for a young player, especially a young quarterback coming off of a not so good season. Although he is a defensive minded coach, he calms down players and he introduced Cam Newton into the NFL and look how that turned out (I'm not comparing Haskins and Newton at all). Rivera will be a good change from last years head coach Jay Gruden.

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

New offensive and defensive weapons will help Haskins settle into the season and get him going. Drafting his college teammate Chase Young to play DE(defensive end) and drafting RB/WR Antonio Gibson and WR Antonio Gandy-Golden will add more options and stability. They also drafted a tackle from LSU, Saahdiq Charles. The release of primed breakout candidate Derrius Guice doesn't help this year, but rookie running back Antonio Gibson with have a much clearer window and will be sharing the reps with Peyton Barber. Terry McLaurin is another Ohio State player that joined Haskins last year, the prime target late in the season for Washington. Other receivers will have to step up enormously along with the rookie Antonio Gandy-Golden.

Haskins has an array of backs to use in the backfield as well, along with his own legs. Dwayne is set up for success this year, the exceptions aren't through the roof, which I think is why Ohio State QBs have failed, they think because they set records and won championships in college that they can do that in the pros, well it's a whole different ball game in the NFL. He has not bitten off more than he can chew which is a common mistake in most young QBs, especially if from a big college and a 1st round pick.

As of Week 3 of the 2020 NFL Season, Haskins stats include 57/101(Comp/Attempts), 625 passing yards, 4 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and a 75.7 QB rating.

Dwayne Haskins is the future of this team unless an option at QB comes up that cannot be passed on. Expect this year and his third year to be development years and for his fourth and fifth year, he will be showing off for a new contract.

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