Each NBA Western Play In Team Schedule Difficulty And Takes

With the NBA returning in Orlando, teams outside the playoffs have been given the chance to still squeak in. All teams have to do is land the 9th seed in their respective conferences and be 4.0 GB or less of the 8th seed. With Wizards practically having to go perfect to be 4 GB of the Nets ill be focusing on the Western side of things.

5 teams are fighting for the potential 9th seed out west.

Their Schedule Difficulty :

  • NOP - 36.52%

  • SAC - 55.03%

  • POR - 60.15%

  • PHX - 62.06%

  • SAS - 63.38%

My Takes ;

Spurs who sit on the 9th seed at the moment have to face off against multiple teams in the top of their conference, Spurs though have shown grit in games so far and could stun many people and snatch the 9th seed. Demar and Dejounte have shown to be the keys to the Spurs along with Derrick White who's defense has come up clutch many times. They play against the 76ers today and will try to start the Bubble 3-0

The Suns are currently the furthest from the 9th seed and have many tough opponents in their path to the playoffs. The question is can Booker be their savior or will it be another year into the lottery? Booker and Ayton got into foul trouble in last night's win over the Mavericks, Booker was able to still make up for it on the offensive side while Ayton struggled. Suns have a lot of ground to cover and need to get rolling and maybe last night's win was them starting the engines.

Blazers have shown fight in their past 2 games, although they're 1-1 in 2 games their team is fully healthy and can make noise after taking the Celtics into the final possession of the game. Jusuf Nurkic is playing lights out along with Zach Collins who have shown how good exactly the Blazers can be. Laker fans should NOT be rooting for this team as an almost fully healthy portland team can make noise if they were to win the Play In and make the 8th seed matching up against the Lakers.

Kings have an easy remaining schedule but play seems to be what is going to be their issue, after a blowout loss to the Magic it doesn't seem SacTown has it figured out just yet, things need to turn around soon for them or their playoff chances will be over before they even started.

Pelicans are the team most fans want to see due to Zion but so far they have started 0-2 and showed no fight in the Clippers game. Zion is still on a burst restriction which means Brandon Ingram will have to show up these remaining 6 games and will have the chance to do so today VS Memphis

Who are your picks to make the Play In? And who will win?

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