Every NBA Bubble Team Biggest X-Factor

NBA teams usually play in different ways, whether it's through their stars or running a small ball rotation or even a pick and roll type offense, there is no style of play that derives a team from having an X-Factor. The X-Factor of a team is a player that will be the key to that team winning. It doesn't have to be a star just a player that provides an impact that can be crucial for teams down the line. I'm breaking down every X-Factor for the NBA teams that are in the bubble in alphabetical order.

Daniel Theis - Boston Celtics


Daniel Theis who is well known for his defense down in the paint will have to perform in ways more than expected for Boston. Kemba, Tatum, and Brown will score the ball there is no question about that but the top teams in the east all have forward/centers as their best players. From Giannis to Embiid the east top seeds thrive in the paint and the Celtics will need to hold down the fort if they wanna even think about contending. We saw what Steven Adams and Jusuf Nurkic have done to them some far and if it keeps up Celtics might not get to see the Conference Finals.

Caris Levert - Brooklyn Nets


The Brooklyn Nets are without their 2 stars in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant leaving the question of who will score the ball. Caris LeVert will be that player, he previously scored 50 points in 1 game earlier in the season and now has to be the knight in shining armor for the Nets who will most likely stay more than 4 games ahead of the Wizards leaving the east with no play in.

Tim Hardaway Jr- Dallas Mavericks


Hardaway has become the Mavericks go to guy when it comes to hitting threes. Luka will always be Luka when it comes to his production but late in the game Luka taking threes has not been working recently for the Mavs. Tim has found himself in many occasions open for 3 in corners and wings and will play a pivotal role in the Mavs starting rotation being expected to hit 3's in dire moments

Jamal Murray - Denver Nuggets


Now I know what you may be thinking, How is someone that isn't even playing their X-Factor? Well that's the reason, the Nuggets don't really have a go to guy in clutch situations that can just pull up and drain the 2. Jokic has been clutch in many scenarios but Jamal is usually the one that the Nuggets give the ball to make something happen and with the way Orlando games are going at the moment, close games are likely to come which means Jamal will have to step up big time. Him being injured right now doesn't give him the chance to loosen up and get any rust out the way for the playoffs.

Robert Covington - Houston Rockets


This was a relative easy pick for the Houston Rockets. In a team full of offense being their best defensive player means your going to be expected to perform night in and night out, RoCo very much has the ability to do that, although PJ Tucker does have the harder task in being asked to guard the center position, he's shown time and time again he can get it done but isn't assigned to different players like RoCo.

Aaron Holiday - Indiana Pacers


Listen up casual NBA fans, if you haven't heard the name Aaron Holiday you better write it down. Although he doesn't appear to have huge impact on the boxscore Aaron provides a huge boost to this Indiana roster and was one of the key reasons to why they had their record before Oladipo came back, with 9 & 4 Aaron is super closer to also being part of the 50/40/90 club when it comes to efficiency. Aaron Holiday's playing time has boosted over the season and watching him play can show why.

Lou Williams - Los Angeles Clippers


All it took was one game to see why Lou Will is the X-Factor for this Clippers team. When Kawhi and PG are off the court Lou Will is expected to be that guy to score the ball, which he is averaging 18.7 PPG this season but it was very noticeable against the Lakers that the clippers need his offense off the bench and there is a reason he is in consideration for the 6moty trophy once again. Let's just hope he doesn't visit anymore clubs for the time being.

Kyle Kuzma - Los Angeles Lakers


Kuzma is a player that the Lakers sometimes do depend on, although his box scores numbers are low he's sometimes tasked with having to guard certain players and even take a couple of in the moment clutch shots. So far lakers are 2-1 following a win against the Jazz and Kuzma has decently performed. Dion waiters was another possible X-Factor but doesn't get the minutes Kuzma does which impacts the game differently

Grayson Allen - Memphis Grizzlies


OH MAN! I did not think I would be typing this but wow, Grayson Allen has been a huge part of the Grizzlies in the past 2 games. Not only has he defensively come up clutch but his playmaking has been off the charts. Allen, after the Grizzlies took a 5 point loss to the Blazers, has been asked to stepped up in many ways and he's delivered explaining the minute increase in the Memphis rotation. Although the Grizz are 0-3 to start the bubble, Allen's performances could very much help bring that record up when the grizz call upon his number

Duncan Robinson - Miami Heat


Looking at Duncan's number it's very clear to why he is their X-Factor. With more than 75% of his shots being 3 point attempts Duncan is relied on to deliver when needed and for the most part he does and is one of the biggest reasons Miami is where they are in the standings. His efficiency is through the roof but the biggest question is whether he'll be ready for playoff pressure since Miami has already clinched a playoff spot out east

Eric Bledsoe - Milwaukee Bucks


Eric Bledsoe has shown time and time again why he is the X-Factor for the Bucks. his defensive abilities tallied up with his offensive abilities makes him such a big key on this roster along with his veteran experience and we saw in last playoffs when he had bad games how exactly it can impact the team losing 4 in a row to the future champs Toronto Raptors

Zion Williamson - New Orleans Pelicans


Just watch Zion play when he comes in for the Pelicans, the impact this young kid has is insane but his burst restriction could keep the Pelicans from doing something meaningful this restart and in the end will have to rely on the roster they've had all season. But if Zion gets cleared for takeoff expect the Pelicans to win a few more games than expected

Danilo Gallinari - Oklahoma City Thunder


Danilo, although he may not be the first person that comes to mind when thinking of reasons the Thunder are in the spot they are in the west looking into the playoffs, Gallinari has been a huge reason for that, averaging almost 20 a game he's been a reliable piece for this Thunder squad and when healthy Gallinari transitions into winning basketball, he's shown that since his days in Denver and is now showing it again

Terrence Ross - Orlando Magic


A key player off the bench due to their bad depth that can be relied on to score the ball, not much other than that as the Magic have started out 2-0 and look to keep it rolling

Shake Milton - Philadelphia 76ers


Shake from what we saw in the Spurs game is very much relied upon by the 76ers and can spark a fire in the team sometimes to get runs going. He is a fantastic outside shooter in which he made the Spurs notice with a game winner but if he keeps it up he could get the bag very soon $$$

Deandre Ayton - Phoenix Suns


Devin Booker can not drop 70 points a game which means if the Suns wanna even think about contending then Ayton has got to get it together who had a rough game in Orlando fouling out against the Mavs. He did score 24 against the Wizards but the Suns schedule does not get any easier and Ayton, who is in his 2nd year, granted, will have to step up to the task

Zach Collins - Portland Trailblazers


Zach's return to basketball has shown how exactly impactful he is on the Blazers doing everything from rebounding to playmaking and hustling on defense. The bigman can do everything and paired alongside Jusuf Nurkic the duo can be deadly in the frontcourt and another reason why the Blazers can give the Lakers a run for their money

Bogdan Bogdanovic - Sacramento Kings


When Bogdan catches fire he looks practically impossible to guard being able to score from anywhere on the court. The Kings rely on him during many stretches which might be often in Orlando from how the past 2 games have gone and would not be surprised if he were to get the bag in the offseason as a RFA $$$

Derrick White - San Antonio Spurs


Derrick White has been a crucial part so far on the Spurs roster who are currently 2-1 in the restart. From clutch needed 3's to drawing charges White has been able to perform above and beyond so far and is along with likely Rudy Gay one of the biggest reasons for their playoff chances being more alive than ever

OG Anunoby - Toronto Raptors


When you are given the task to guard LeBron James it's for a reason, OG has shown drastic improvement from last year and plays such a huge role that doesn't show up in the box scores. His versatility is so important to the Raptors organization and has helped them dearly achieve their current record.

Mike Conley - Utah Jazz


Where on Earth did Mike Conley come from? After struggling recently Mike has turned things around for himself in the bubble and is now playing lights out for the Jazz who although they have a 1-2 record have shown grit and grind in their 3 games and are hungry more than ever to make a playoff push as they've been stalling in the first round for the past couple of years and Mike Conley will play a big part in that

Davis Bertans - Washington Wizards


With Washington practically being out of the play in in the east, i decided to more ask what they should do with Bertans. Should they ship him to a contender or keep him around with Beal and Wall? let me know by commenting

If you've gotten here and read everything i wanna thank you for sticking through all that, It's greatly appreciated but let me know if there's anything you disagree with

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