Everything Wrong With the New York Giants

In what has been a disappointing season so far for the New York Giants, many issues are to blame for their embarrassment. And those exact issues are what we are going to highlight in this article.

So far the Giants are 1-6 and ,according to the Week 8 power rankings, they are 29th best in all of football. Yikes. Not looking good for the G-men is it? Well, you may lessen their embarrassment by giving the excuse that Saquon went down. But still it doesn't give an excuse for their all around play. Sophomore QB Daniel Jones is to reliant on his pre-snap reads that he rarely makes the neccessary post snap adjustments. Also, Daniel Jones needs to be more cautious with the ball and not turn it over as frequently. But to put the blame entirely on Daniel Jones is complete bogus. There are a lot of other areas where the Giants struggle, such as the offensive line. Though very young and seems to be improving, the offensive line is one of the major reasons Daniel Jones hasn't been preforming well.

The Giants offensive line has let up 20 sacks this year (Tied 7th most in the league) and an 8% sack rate on pass attempts (Tied 25th worst in the league). These so called "Hog Mollies" that Gettleman has brought in haven't been doing their job. But there remains upside since the offensive line is really young and they are growing as a unit. Unfortunately, their poor play takes away opportunities for the Giants receiving core and running backs.

There isn't much critique for the Giants receiving core nor the running backs because for the most part, they have been producing and doing what they can with what they have. My only criticism goes out to Evan Engram. Engram is struggling massively, dropping simple catches that even I can make as a sophomore in high school. He does have talent and still can be very good but he hasn't been catching well or blocking well. He needs to fix his stuff or he needs to get off this team.

Lastly, the Giants defense. So far, I've been impressed. I did not expect the Giants defense to do this well but yet they are. Unfortunately, they have been a bit streaky when it comes to stopping the other team, but there are times when they are out there and they are playing like an absolute unit. Martinez proves he can be a stud, Bradbury is playing like a DPOY candidate, and Peppers has been playing extremely well. The only issue with the Giants defense is the injuries across the board. Most noticeably, the Giants LB core. The injuries to Carter, Mayo, and Crowder have left a mark but other players have been stepping up.

In all, this Giants team has a lot of problems but keep in mind this is a very young team and if they grow together the Giants may be good again. Although this season is very disappointing, I'm seeing the positives out of it, it may just be me being a delusional/optimistic Giants fan or it may be that the Giants do have some sort of hope. Who knows? Regardless, This Giants team does face a lot of problems but have faith Giants fans, are situation is not completely hopeless.

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