Fantasy football running backs 11-20



Miles Sanders is gonna have a good year. There is no more Jordan Howard there to take carries away from him. Last season as a rookie he had 818 yards rushing and 509 yards receiving. With no Howard who had over 100 carries last year probably 75 of Howard’s carries will go to Sanders, at least 75. He is a very safe pick so if your in the late second I’d consider getting him. 

        Austin Ekeler will not have the heard they are projecting him to have. First off, he gets most of his time in the receiving game and they do not have Rivers no more so they will prob throw about 100 times less then last season. Also I am not sure that they love him as much as you think since they brought in Joshua Kelly from UCLA and they also have Justin Jackson, the all time leading rusher from Northwestern. From where he is supposed to go, id just stay away from him. 

        Kenyan Drake you will either go big or go home with him. If he does as good as they say he will you will be super happy, but he may also have the minds hear he had in 2018 which want that good and especially isn’t good wtih where he is supposed to go at. I’m not gonna say get him or don’t get him he can be incredible but he can also suck so it’s up to you. 

        Toddy Gurley I love. The doctors say he is all good now with his knee. Last year the rams had one of the worst offensive lines in football, now he goes to the falcons who have a pretty good oline and he wont have all the attention on him. He has Matt Ryan who can throw to him and he has Julio who gets a lot of attention and up and coming star Calvin Ridley will get some attention. There is no one to take any carries away from him this year so I would he him, I see him having the kinda gear he had in 2017 or something close to it. 

        Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a to high. He will be splitting time with Damien Willaims. Williams didn’t have that good of a year but in the post season he did great and was really close to winning super bowl MVP. Honestly Edwards-Helaire may only start like 5 games this year cause of Williams. The chiefs obviously believe in him because they drafted him in the first round, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

        Melvin Gordon stay away from. He will be splitting time with Philip Lindsey the entire year. I do not want him on my team. 

        Mark Ingram I also would stay away from. He is getting older and the Ravens brought in his replacement with JK Dobbins. He will split time this year unlike last year and will prob lose about 75 carries because of Dobbins. 

        Chris Carson don’t get. He has battled some injuries and also the Seahawks brought in Carlos Hyde. Hyde will take about 100 carries away from Carson which will hurt his value a lot and he is a bit to high for me to pick him where he is projected to be picked. 

        Jonathan Taylor will not start the beginning of the year but by the end of the year he will be the starter. If the colts would get rid of Marlon Mack he’d be incredible. He is going to a place that has a great oline, like Wisconsin did. He will for sure get most of the goal line touches so expect a TD year from him. If your in a dynasty league I would get him because he is the future. 

         Raheem Mostert is like Kenyan Drake. Go big or go home. He could either continue the run he had last year in the playoffs and have a huge season or he splits time with Coleman and has a decent season. I wouldn’t get him personally but if you think he can go big I would get him.

Part 3 coming in a few days

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