Fantasy Football Sleepers


Let's start off with the raiders QB, Derek Carr. Derek Carr has averaged around 17 points a game. But don't let the points fool you. Derek Carr has been on fire this season compared to last season. Derek Carr has gotten 2000 yards with no name wide receivers. Derek Carr has only gotten 2 interceptions so far, thats 2nd in the nfl right now. Not only does he pull up decent stats, but he has an alright schedule ahead of him. If I were you, I would pick Carr up because a lot of people don't recognize how good he actually is.

I have one more quarterback that I think you should keep in mind. LA chargers QB, Justin Herbert. Now, a lot of people would disagree saying he is popular and lots of people pick him up. I do agree, but hes an underrated starter QB. People don't realize that he is one of the best fantasy football quarterbacks, just because he's a rookie. Herbert has been dominating this season, some say he's the rookie of the year so far. If you have Justin Herbert then I reccomend starting him for now on, (unless you have an elite quarterback.) Herbert averages around 24 points a game, FOR A ROOKIE! Herbert so far has pulled off a whopping 2146 yards so far. For a rookie quarterback that pulls off that many yards when he has to face the raining champion the Kansas City chiefs, that is amazing! Do not sleep on this rookie quarterback, he is the future!


Let's start off with the jaguars runningback, James Robinson. James Robinson is a stud starter! Robinson was an undrafted free agent runningback, yet he's still a top 5 fantasy runningback. James Robinson averages around 19 points when he's on one of the worst teams right now! Robinson is one of the most consistent fantasy players in the league! So far, he has pulled off an awesome 580 yards! For an undrafted free agent that is a rookie with bad weapons on his side, that is very impressive! If you need to trade for a RB, make sure to trust what James Robinson is capable of. He is the next star!

Now, let's not forget about the seahawks runningback, not Chris Carson, but Deejay Dallas! Deejay Dallas is one of the most underrated players right now!! I reccomend picking up Dallas and starting him. Since the original starting runningback for the seahawks (Chris Carson) cant stay healthy, you have to start Deejay Dallas! Deejay averages around 10 points, now that might look pretty bad, but don't let the points fool you. Russell Wilson has been seeing how much potential Deejay Dallas has, thats why he's been getting more carries than expected. If you have Deejay Dallas, then I reccomend keeping him to see what he can really do!

Wide Receivers

Now let's move onto wide receivers. All I have to say is, pick up Allen Lazard! Allen Lazard has been IR for a decent amount of time now, and he probably is coming back very soon. Lots of people don't see the potential Lazard has because of Davante Adams. The packers offense has been on fire lately, and it will get even better when Allen Lazard comes back. Lazars averages around 16 points per game! For a WR2, thats pretty impressive! Aaron Rodgers passes to other players more than you think, and its only a matter of time when he starts throwing dimes to Lazard. He might not get the ball earlier when he comes back, but I reccomend keeping him for later! We have to trust what Lazard can do, he got 254 yards in only 3 games when he has competition! Pick Allen Lazard Up!

Last player for today goes to, the bears rookie wide receiver: Darnell Mooney. This is probably the least most popular player that I've said. Now, Darnell Mooney only averages around 9 points per game, but trust me, he will get more points later on, especially when Allen Robinson is questionable. Darnell Mooney was the 173rd pick of the 2020 draft. In the top 30 rookies so far, he is in there (According To NFL.) Mooney has gotten 348 yards this season so far, but when the bears offense is struggling, their going to look towards Darnell. I reccomend using Darnell Mooney for a WR2 or flex, only for crucial moments though. Hes a hit or miss, I think he will be a great player, very underrated.

Thank You For Reading My Article! More Coming Soon! Have A Great Day!


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