Five NBA players that are overrated and underrated

1. Steve Nash

Overrated: Steve Nash is a two time MVP winner, but does not deserve both and should probably have only one. He never led his team to the finals despite having multiple All-Stars on his team.

Underrated: Nash is still one of the best point guards ever and worked well with players like A'mare Stoudemire. On ESPN's top 74 players list he ranks only 30th. Players like Kawhi Leonard and Dwayne Wade rank above him, yet both have never won a MVP award.

2. John Stockton

Overrated: Some consider Stockton the best passer of all-time. This is just simply untrue, just because he has the most assists ever. Magic Johnson who only played 13 seasons, is the greatest passer ever, and that can't be argued. Magic could play every position and still dish out the ball.

Underrated: Stockton is one of the best fundamental players ever, he saw the game through a different lens. His steal and assist records are unbreakable. He is the definition of a pass first point guard.

3. Wilt Chamberlain

Overrated: Wilt was in a different era. He would average over 35 points in five different seasons. However, in the second half of his career he would only average 22 points per game. Okay, Mr. record book.

Underrated: Wilt's size and athleticism made him unstoppable. He is recorded to having a 48 inch vertical. That is for a 7 foot man. Obviously, his 100 point game will never be broken and that's what makes him great.

4. Charles Barkley

Overrated: Charles was a terrible shooter. He has the lowest three-point percentage ever (26.6%). In ESPN's top 74 players list he ranks higher than "The Admiral" David Robinson. Skill wise he is just not better.

Underrated: Charles still won an MVP, over Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaq, and Karl Malone. If he won an MVP over MJ than he can't be that bad.

5. Patrick Ewing

Overrated: Ewing never got the job done. He never won a championship for New York despite being there several times.

Underrated: Ewing has one of the best fadeaway's ever. Although, he never won a championship he was in the Jordan era with no stars beside him. He made the Knicks contenders instantly. Ewing led the Knicks to 13 straight playoff appearances.

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