Five receivers who went from superstars to complete downfalls

In the NFL there are lots of things you have to do to become a superstar player. Put up good stats, win games, make clutch plays and maybe even win a super bowl. But being a superstar in The NFL doesn't always last forever sometimes you can lose your juice. So that is exactly what I am going to be talking about in this article. The five receivers who went from complete superstars to downfalls.

TY Hilton:

The first receiver I am going to mention is a great deep threat TY Hilton. If you look at Hilton's stats a couple of years before 2020 he was getting lots of receptions but in the past about 2 years the receptions have dropped about 20 to 30 receptions for TY. at the begging of Hilton's career Quarterback Andrew Luck got drafted by the Colts and his first couple of years for playing with them was great. So that was one of the reasons to Hilton was playing good Andrew Luck was playing good. But after Luck's first couple of years in the NFL he faced a lot of injuries and one of the main parts was his shoulder. Luck could hardly even throw deep balls because of his hurt shoulder and that would affect Hilton's style play because he was a deep threat. So with Luck sometimes being out with his shoulder that would make the Colts bring in there backup QB and Hilton would struggle of course if you don't have an as good QB throwing to him. Ever since all of that TY is a complete forgotten receiver due to why he isn't a top level player anymore.

Dez Bryant:

The next receiver being mentioned is Dez Bryant this guy is my favorite all time receiver and it breaks my heart to not see him be good anymore. Bryant played college football at Oklahoma state. While Bryant was on the cowboys he had Quarterback Tony Romo throwing to him which helped him play good. But while Bryant was being a superstar on the field for the Cowboys he wasn't one off the field he was very bad to his teammates and was a locker room problem there is a vid of him online having a melt down in the locker room yelling at everyone for very bad reasons. So him being bad to the Cowboys they decided they didn't want him anymore and let him walk after he left Cowboys he was never the same. He didn't get on the team for a really long time but then he went to the saints right before the playoffs started one year and tore his ACL in the first practice and was out. Then he went really long time again without being on a team then just this 2020 season he went to the ravens played a couple of games and got Covid and said his most likely done for season. With all that said Bryant isn't what he used to be and even when lands on a team something always comes up to get him off the team that is how Bryant stopped being a superstar receiver.

Antonio Brown:

It's time for my guy Antonio Brown he's the third guy on this list. There is a lot to say about AB my opinion the guy is a nutcase it all started when he went to the Oakland Raiders before the season even started he was making horrible statements like if the NFL doesn't change a certain rule he would retire and just messing up there organization. So the Raiders were so annoyed with him they got rid of him and sent him to the New England Patriots. He was only on the Pats for 1 game and he got in trouble with the pats for doing something sexually to a trainer. The Pats had zero tolerance for that and got rid of Brown and he wasn't even on a team for the whole 2019 season do to him being crazy while he wasn't on a team in 2019 he was still causing problems there was a vid of him cussing out the police online and much more. But after the 2019 season Brown still found a way to get himself on to a NFL team in 2020 season he went to the Bucs. He is currently on the team right now and is not a star he is just a average receiver and not a superstar. So that is how AB went from being a superstar to not even being good anymore.

Odell Beckham Jr:

Odell you already know the dude was a star when he played for the New York Giants he made himself Famous on the Giants for making that falling back one handed catch vs the Cowboys. That isn't the only cool catch Odell has made he has mad a lot of one handers. He probably had more one handers out of any other receiver in the NFL when he played for the Giants. There is not really much to say on how Odell lost his talent all what Happend was he decided to leave the Giants to build a stacked offense with the Cleveland Browns. But when Odell went to the Browns nothing has been the same. The only things I can come up with is Odell just doesn't fit with Browns offense playstyle. Then Odell has Quarterback Baker Mayfield throwing passes to him Baker is a average QB to say but something about the Baker Odell duo just doesn't fit and they have know throwing connection. I think if Odell gets himself on a team with a different playstyle offense he will he back to being a superstar. But for now Odell is not playing like a superstar and isn't where he used to be a couple of years ago.

AJ Green:

Green the dude at one point in his career used to be a top 3 receiver you could argue he was the best at some point. A lot of other guys on this list lose the superstar level because they will switch teams and not like it there but that hasn't been the case for AJ Green. He was a superstar receiver for the Bengals a couple of years ago and guess what he still is on the Bengals but isn't the super star he used to be. I'm pretty sure Green has had some problems where he wants Bengals to give him money and they wouldn't give it to him. So Green would a lot of times not try in games due to that. So it might not just be do to money problems I think a lot of really good cornerbacks in the NFL today have figured out to guard AJ Green. So like any other of these receivers Green isn't the same anymore and I don't think he ever will be the same ever again. Green just isn't a star anymore.

So that is my article on five Receivers who went from being superstars to having downfalls. I really enjoyed making this so make sure to leave comment on this thank you.

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