Gaming: My Top Five Fortnite Skins

A "skin" is the look that you choose for your character when you take them into battle for a Victory Royale in Fortnite. About 800 skins have been released by Fortnite since it came out in 2017. The very first three skins that you could buy were Renegade Raider, Aerial Assault Trooper, and Recon Expert. Since then, there have been athlete skins, animal skins, food skins, superhero skins, and Halloween skins plus a lot more. People usually have a favorite skin. Here are my top five:

5. Venom. Venom is a superhero. You might know him from the movie Venom. He's a gooey monster who's superpower is to eat people, but in Fortnite his superpower is to grab opponents with his tongue and pull them towards him (this damages the opponent). He makes my top five because I like funny skins, and a big gooey monster is pretty funny in my opinion. He's a very recent skin so you can still buy him in the Item Shop if you want. If you buy his bundle it contains the Venom skin, the Tendril Tote, the Symbiote Slasher (a pickaxe that only Venom can use), and the We are Venom Emote. The Tote is a backpack/"back bling" that your character wears. An emote is a dance that your character does when you win a game. You can mix different backpacks with different skins if you want to get creative.

4. The Brat. The Brat is a hot dog. Like bratwurst, get it? Like I said in #5, I like funny skins, and The Brat is definitely one of them. Not only are hot dogs one of my favorite foods, but this skin has style! You can choose to add his hat if you want (personally I do because it makes him look funnier), he wears ripped skinny jeans, a hot dog bun vest with nothing underneath, and his arms and legs are made of linked sausages. Usually The Brat comes into the Item Shop every month for a day, so you can buy him if you want. Now let's talk about his bundle: The Brat bundle contains his skin and the Loose Links Contrail that he uses to glide down into battle.

3. Cobb. Cobb ear of corn. I like him because (surprise) he looks funny. Cobb hasn't even come into the Item Shop yet, but his bundle was leaked in the 14.60 Update about a week ago. He's a Thanksgiving skin, and comes in the "Harvest Bounty Bundle" which should come out in the next couple of days. Cobb comes with Mincemeat--a creepy pie man skin--and three other items (a pickaxe called Mash-Mincers, a glider called Mash that you ride on after you jump off the battle bus but before you touch the ground, and the back bling Stir Baby, which looks like an arm stirring a mixing pot). Actually, whenever you kill or eliminate someone in battle, Stir Baby adds more batter to his mixing bowl.

2. Peely Bone. Peely Bone is a half-banana/half-skeleton skin. And guess what? I like him because he's hilarious. He first came out for the Halloween Event on October 31st, 2019 as the Halloween version of the skin Peely, which is a regular banana guy. He was re-released this Halloween, so I bought him then. His brain is not where it's supposed to be--instead of his head, you can see it through his skeleton half right around where his CENSORED should be. Even funnier! Peely Bone came in a bundle with one other thing: The Xylo Bone Emote. This is Peely Bone playing the xylophone up and down his skeleton ribs. Only Peely Bone can do this emote, which is kind of rare because most emotes that you buy can be done by any character. You can't buy him anymore, but if you really want him, wait til next Halloween.

1. Unpeely. Unpeely is a naked banana. Why is he my favorite? Because he's a naked banana! The first time he came out was this past summer, and he has six different styles that are all summer looks. You can choose to use his straw hat and his orange sunglasses if you want, and he always wears tropical swim trunks and flip flops. Unfortunately, I don't have him because I only started playing Fortnite at the end of the summer. I will make sure to buy him as soon as he comes out this summer. He comes in the Summer Legends bundle with two other skins (Summer Fable and Tropical Punch Zoey), three backpacks (Unpeely's back bling the Banana Cabana, the Trapper Pack, and the Sour Swirl).

Some of you may have read my series of articles this summer about Madden Mobile, so you know I usually end by saying "See you on the field!" But now, I'll just say SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD!

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