Giants Team Breakdown (5th of 32)

The Giants are going into this season ranked as my 28th best team. I have them winning 5 games  this year and finishing 3rd in the NFC East and 14th in the NFC. Below is my in-depth breakdown of the team by position, staff, and fantasy worth.

Coaching: C-; Joe Judge was certainly an odd hiring, but I won’t grade him as bad as the worst coaches due to his potential. Yes, he was only a special teams coach, but John Harbaugh was too. Don’t judge him too poorly until you see him. The hiring of Jason Garret was certainly surprising, but he is a former head coach, so it’s not the worst hiring they could have made. He was fairly predictable with his scheming in Dallas, so I don’t like it that much. I feel the hiring was made so more focus could be made towards Daniel Jones as Garret is a former quarterback.

QB: B+; I really like Daniel Jones. He throws a terrific football. I mean, they don’t call you Danny Dimes if you don’t. In only 13 games, he threw over 3,000 yards and 24 touchdowns! I feel I must remind you that he was a rookie. He has incredible touch, and although he has a lot to work on with consistency, he was a rookie last year. All rookies struggle with consistency. The flashes he showed last year showed everyone how the Giants weren’t reaching when they picked him.

RB: A+; They have Saquan Barkely at running back. Need I say more? Saquan had an incredible year when he was playing injured for a portion of it. He had 1,441 scrimmage yards and 8 total touchdowns in 13 games. I still feel he is the second best running back in the league behind McCaffery. The Giants also added some solid depth with the signing of Dion Lewis, so an A+ seems more than reasonable.

WR: B+; Golden Tate had 676 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns in the 11 games he played last year, and Sterling Shepard had 576 yards and 3 touchdowns in the 10 games he played. Hopefully they both return fully healthy this year. Those two weren't even the most impressive part about this wide receiving corp. In the 9 starts and 14 total games he played, Darius Slayton racked up an impressive 740 yards and 8 touchdowns as a rookie. He has shown the potential to be a terrific starting wide receiver, and will continue to impress many people going into next season. They also have solid depth at the position with receivers such as Corey Coleman and Cory Cole. This group has potential to be one of the best in the league.

TE: C+; Evan Engram sometimes doesn’t get the props that he deserves. Though he can sometimes struggle in the run game, he put up decent starting numbers for a tight end. 467 yards and 3 touchdowns isn’t bad for the 8 games he played, but it isn’t great either. He is a solid tight end, but nothing to fear. With Levine Toilolo as the second string tight end, there is not a whole lot of depth at the position either. A C+ grade seems fair.

O-line: C+; Nate Solder has regressed considerably, and the Giants offensive line game has been average for a long time. The Giants addressed this by picking Andrew Thomas at right tackle in the draft. I love the pick, and it should give them a blocking force for the next couple years. Kevin Zeitler was a huge addition in last year's trade. He provided steadiness that the Giants aren’t typically used to. Matt Peart was a solid pick in the third round. He could provide good depth on the line. Other than the previously mentioned players, this line is nothing special. I can see that the Giants have been putting more focus on upgrading it for Daniel Jones, but it is still steps behind.

D-line: C+; Leonard Williams is a great player in the interior, and Markus Golden is a very underrated outside linebacker. He recorded 10 sacks last year. Besides those two, the defensive line is nothing special. He is still a question mark on the team as of now because he can still sign somewhere else. Dexter Lawrence  at defensive end and Dalvin Tomlinson at nose tackle are nothing all that special. This defensive line is just slightly above average, but if they lose Golden, it could be much worse.

LB: C+; The Giants really went all-in upgrading their linebacking corp. They signed two in free agency, (Blake Martinez and Kyler Fackwell) and they drafted 3 linebackers (Cam Brown, Carter Coughlin, and TJ Brunson). Kyler Fackwell will most likely play outside linebacker on the defensive line, however. Dave Gettleman is just throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks. The group is definitely much improved. 

DB: C-; Deandre Baker is still a huge question mark due to his legal status. Right now, it is questionable if he will be able to stay on the team. If all is resolved, he could still be facing a suspension. Other than him, I like the addition of cornerback James Bradberry. He was an above average cornerback for the Panthers. There is very little depth around the cornerback position, so that will most likely be a major problem for the Giants. Although Jabrill Peppers is a very below average free safety, I really like Xavier McKinney. I feel he dropped farther than he should have in the draft, (pick 36) and he will have a very good rookie season. He has superstar potential, but nothing is sure, so this group still gets a C-.

ST: A-; The Giants had one of the best special teams units last year. They were very solid in the return game, and were one of the best coverage units in the NFL. Their new head coach is a former special teams coordinator, so you know that they will be just as good or better this season. Their kicker, Aldrick Rosas, only played 6 games last season where he connected on 12 of 17 field goals. That was definitely a down year as the year before, he was an outstanding 32 out of 33 kicking. Hopefully he can get back to that level of kicking.

Overall: C+; I really like the Giants. If Jones can fix up some of his play, this team could be pretty good. If Joe Judge is a good coach, this team could be contending for a playoff spot soon. Their are just too many question marks on this team, and even if everything goes right, I still think they are not ready to compete with good teams yet. I liked their draft, but their free-agency was not incredible. History shows that 99% of the time a team with a new coach, young quarterback, and below average roster does not win many games.

Fantasy Value: Daniel Jones has incredible fantasy value in my opinion. He will have to face some harsh pass-rushes, but I think he’ll do fine. He could be a steal at quarterback. I wouldn’t draft any of their wide receivers due to their similar skill level. I don’t think any of the 3 starting wide receivers will really elevate over the others unless injuries strike. Saquan, as always, has great value. He will have a much better season this year as he will be healthy and most likely used in the pass game more

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