Grading Each Major NBA Move This Off Season

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

This NBA off season was not supposed to be as good as it was. The only big name player who was a free agent was Anthony Davis who was just supposed to resign. Instead, many NBA fans were surprisingly happy when they saw how their new team looked.

The Phoenix Suns get: Chris Paul and Abdel Nader

The Oklahoma City Thunder get: Kelly Oubre Jr., Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome, Jalen Lecque, and a 2022 first-round pick from the Suns.

For the Suns I am giving this trade an amazing A-. The Phoenix Suns main point of this trade may seem that they would like to win now, but I think that it is: "We have enough talent to make the playoffs, now Devin Booker will stay." The Phoenix Suns luckily did not have to give up too much in order to get Paul, however, they did give up a young 25 year-old Kelly Oubre Jr who averaged 18.7 ppg (points per game.) Ricky Rubio had no fit with the Phoenix Suns timeline and he did not help their floor spacing. Chris Paul was on the All-NBA second team, which is for only the best players in the league. The Suns will miss out on two promising young pgs in Lecque and Jerome, but I think it was well worth it.

For the Thunder I give this trade an A. The Thunder were quick to deal out Kelly Oubre Jr as they traded him for another first and second round pick. Sam Presty is looking like the mastermind of the NBA and has been making all the right moves. OKC can quickly become championship contenders in four to five years.

One of the biggest questions nobody is talking about is Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis declined a $28 million dollar max extension from the Los Angeles Lakers. While I do believe he did this because him and pretty much everyone on the planet know that he is worth and can get more, it is still definitely worth mentioning what could be. His mindset could be that he won a ring and now he wants to be the number one option on another team or it could be that he wants out of LA.

The 76ers get an A! I love what Daryl Morey did to this franchise. Daryl Morey is a very trade happy coach. Every NBA season Daryl Morey averages 8 trades. Daryl Morey just stepped in as the GM of this team and already made them contenders. He brought in two amazing sharp shooters in Danny Green and Seth Curry. Ben Simmons will now thrive in the starting five of Him, Danny Green, Seth Curry, Tobias Harris, and Joel Embiid. The floor spacing on this team went from the bottom of the league to very above average. The 76ers also got rid of Al Horfords horrible contract and added dwight Howard for $2.6 million dollars. I believe that the Philadelphia 76ers can make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Next up is the Charlotte Hornets. I also like what the hornets did this off season. I give the Hornets an off season grade of B. I think they deserve this grade from not messing up in the draft, making some good signings, and looking like they have a bright future. The Hornets made some good moves. Gordon Hayward may seem overpayed, but his market was high. The Warriors and Pacers were both ready to offer him $110 million dollars. Looking at that, the $120 million dollar signing does not seem so bad, especially when he will be your best player this year. LaMelo Ball, in my opinion, is the greatest prospect in the NBA draft. Anthony Edward's love for the game does not seem good for the Timberwolves and a case can be made for James Wiseman, but they play different positions. I think the Charlotte Hornets can be playoff contenders next year if Devontae Graham, LaMelo Ball, and Miles Bridges turn into solid NBA players.

The Atlanta Hawks have had the greatest NBA off season so far. The grade for them is an easy A+. Rajon Rondo will be a great mentor for upcoming superstar Trae Young, Bogdan Bogdanovic can definitely become a very above average NBA player during his career, and an outstanding draft pick in Onyeka Okongwu at number six overall in the draft. This adds more needed defense to the Hawks. The hawks are now great at every aspect of the game. Their front court defense can arguably be one of the best in a couple of years with Clint Capela and Onyeka Okongwu. The shooting is top 5 in the league with Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, and Bogdan Bogdanovic. John Collins is also another great 20 ppg player on the roster. Danillo Gallinari is also one of the most underated signings his year. He can easily give your team 17-22 points a night. I think that the Atlanta Hawks will make the playoffs this year. I wouldn't be surprised if they even make it to the second round.

The LA Lakers can only be given an A. The Lakers are the defending NBA champions and only got better. Every position they lost, they got an upgraded version. Rajon Rondo was great in the playoffs, but now they add Dennis Schroder who averaged 20 ppg and was the runner up 6th man of the year. The Lakers lost Dwight Howard, but added Montrezl Harrell who was the 6th man of the year. The Lakers also added Wesley Mathews, who I feel is a better overall player than Danny Green. The Lakers added a veteran Marc Gasol who will help them even more with their already stellar defense.

Our first not great grade of the article. I give the bucks a C-. Many may not agree, but the Milwaukee Bucks gave up way too much for Jrue Holiday. The Bucks gave up Eric Bledsoe, George Hill, and three first round picks for Jrue Holiday. Jrue Holiday is one of the most underrated players in the NBA, but he does not help the scheme of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks lose George Hill who is one of the most efficient 3pt shooters in the NBA, Eric Bledsoe, who is a slightly above average pg, and three first round picks which are worth a ton. Jrue Holiday plays top tier defense, but that is not what the Bucks need. The Bucks need more shooters to space the floor. The Bucks scheme now has to be to play defense and drive to the paint, which is easy to defend.

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