Grizzlies Bubble

The Memphis Grizzlies have not been doing that great in the return of the nba so far. Only won 1 game out of 3 in the scrimmages and 0 out of 4 in the seeding games. There is a slight chance they make the playoffs. If they win every game they have left and the Trail Blazers, Spurs, Pelicans lose some of their last games we might be able to get in. I’m here to explain what is going on and how the grizzlies could win the rest of their games to might be able to make the playoffs. 

Before we even returned we got news that Justise Winslow is out for the season. Then after the scrimmages Tyus Jones was out for a couple game of the seeding games, and then Jaren Jackson Jr is out for the season. Not good at all but when they went against the Jazz they played pretty good the 1st and 3rd quarter and like halfway of the 4th. Brandon Clarke Started for Jaren vs the Jazz. Our next games are the Thunder, Raptors, Celtics, and the Bucks. I say we could go 2-2 maybe 3-1 depending if the bucks play their star players. I think the loss will come to the Raptors because they have been really good lately and so have the Celtics, but we might be able to pull through. Tyus Jones did not have a great first 3 seeding games. But turned it around vs the Jazz with 20 points in the first half. Grayson Allen has been on fire these games especially from 3 point range.

If they do make the playoffs then they will verse Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. Very tough team. Grizzlies did beat the earlier in the season without Jaren and Brandon Clarke. This time we have Brandon Healthy. If we make it I think we would get eliminated vs the Lakers 4-2. Pretty good series and great for this young team to get some playoff experience. As long as everyone plays great in these last 4 games and some teams fighting for the 8th seed loses some we should be fine. In all the seeding games combined we have only lost by 26. All of them very close. They are playing great until the last couple minutes of the game. I think there just basically pressured by the situation. This team has came a long way this season, people are sleeping on the Grizzlies. This is also the first season of a new era and it has been ok so far.

I think if Ja Morant shoots a bit more and makes them we will do better. And I think the whole team can hit some more shots. Cover the corner 3 because we have had given up a lot of points from there. Also no one has tested positive in the NBA so that’s great news to hear as the bubble is actually doing great at the moment. But if we do not win that much games and don’t make the playoffs we should get a lottery pick. Maybe some of the guys that don’t play that much could get some more minutes and see if that helps or not. Fans were not happy with their first couple of performances but the grizzlies are just young and maybe in the offseason could get a veteran to help out with the young people. Maybe draw up some new plays and see how that works out and maybe we might win some games! We will just have to see what goes on.

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