How a None power 5 team could make the college football playoff!

How a none power 5 team could make the CFP. Memphis is a great example they are in the state with the all time great program Tennessee and vanderbilt. They have played some good teams and won. They played ole miss and won in OLE MISS. They have the talent to win big games. But the biggest issue is that they are overlooked because they are in the same state as Tennessee and Vandy. So the recruits will look at a Tennessee and a Vandy before Memphis so they need a season where they almost make it without the big names. so with the 3 stars on there team. That will open up recruiting alot more and they need to have a couple people drafted that year to. So if Memphis can do all that. and finish with a top 10 class they have a chance. Need atleast 1Blue chip. Need a HC who will lead them in the right way. He needs to have experience he needs a championship under his belt so he is proven to be a winner. And can coach a championship team. but before all of that they have to Need to have a tough schedule which is a MUST! It has to be TOUGH because of how weak the conference they play in. But also There needs to be some teams who are good in there conference. like in AAC. MEMPHIS. Cincinnati and UCF those are all good teams in the ACC. so that will also look good got memphis but not good enough. They need to make the schedule tough! They need to Play power 5 for all there none Conference games. That are good. so a Auburn,Wisconson,Oregon.ETC... Thats a must if they have any hope in making it.the main thing about it is. It’s all about Persuading the selection committee. Need to win your conference with no struggles! So no Overtimes. no last second Game winners. Need to win by 10+ night in night out. they need to beat ucf and Cinci strait up. 10-15+ but they both need to finish with 10 wins. If you can beat the power 5 teams too you definitely have a shot if you are Memphis. If you play your cards right we could see a group of 5 team make the CFP and possibly win it. There are some very underrated GO5 Teams out there. it would be cool to see one make it. What do you think about a group of 5 team making it?

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