How Can the Heat Win Game 6?

Well, it's been quite a series we've had so far, as the Lakers are currently holding on to a 3-2 lead against the always resilient Miami Heat. You can never consider a series won against the Miami Heat because they'll fight back even more than the Denver Nuggets and they have the players to do so. So with that being said, how can the Heat win game 6?

Well, we'll start off with this. Ball movement. No matter where the ball is going to be moved tonight, it needs to make it to the perimeter to Miami's fantastic shooters. I would expect Jimmy Butler to have another double digit assist night as he should be driving to the paint and kicking it out to shooters on the perimeter. If they don't double Butler, he will score almost every time. So to be honest, the Heat should run the exact same offense they have been running, they shouldn't change anything at all. No matter what team you are facing, you are going to struggle with the Heat's style of play on the offensive end because of how quick they move the ball around and how almost every person on the floor can shoot. I've said this before and I will continue to say it. The Lakers struggle to defend shooters. Whether it's getting through screens or just contesting a shot without fouling, they struggle to keep up with shooters, and Miami has plenty of them.

Well, the offensive end of what the Heat should do to beat the Lakers probably went by a little faster then what you thought, but that's a good thing. That means that the Heat just need to play their regular style of offense to beat the Lakers, while the Lakers are on defense. Holding off the Lakers on defense is what's going to be the focal point for the Heat. As we saw, the Heat did a mediocre job of containing Anthony Davis in game 5 (he still scored 28 points and grabbed 12 rebounds) but in that effort LeBron James was able to let loose. We've seen it before. The Heat take a good lead in the first quarter, but when the Lakers start to get warm and moving, the Heat struggle to defend them, and their only hope of winning is scoring on every offensive possession and hopefully holding LA to a missed shot. So once the Heat take that comfortable lead in the first (because I have a firm belief that it will happen), I would like to see guys out there like Derrick Jones Jr., Andre Iguodala, and maybe even Solomon Hill. These guys bring veteran knowledge that Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson just can't. Also, I would consider Herro and Robinson a liability on defense, as they just cannot defend even a Markieff Morris drive to the hoop let alone a LeBron switch off. So I would like to see Herro and Robinson substituted for Andre Iguodala and Derrick Jones Jr., as they bring height and terrific defense. Also, don't sleep on Iguodala or Solomon Hill on the offensive end as they can contribute a couple threes.

As for Jimmy Butler, I know he's always concerned about his teammates and getting them involved, but he needs to stop that. We all know what Jimmy Butler can do if he takes it upon himself to score. It's what game 5 looked like. Yes, it may have exhausted him, but as we know, Jimmy Butler will do anything to get the win. So hopefully Erik Spoelstra will game plan for plenty of Jimmy Butler iso's, because like we saw last game, offense is what would win this game for the Heat.

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