How Daryl Morey Transformed Another Franchise

Daryl Morey has received both love and hate the past several years from around the league, nation, and world. I'm not going to get into anything besides basketball, instead, I'll stick to the amazing work he's done to transform the Sixers organization into a legitimate playoff team.

This offseason, the Sixers parted ways with Josh Richardson, Alec Burks, Al Horford, Raul Neto, Glenn Robinson, Kyle O'Quinn, Norvel Pelle, and Marial Shayock. Despite that large departure, they signed Seth Curry, Dwight Howard, Danny Green, Terrence Ferguson, Tony Bradley, and Derrick Walton Jr. They drafted Tyrese Maxey with the 21st pick, Isaiah Joe with the 49th, and Paul Reed with the 58th.

The Sixers were backed up against the wall before Morey came in. They couldn't spend $1,000 more without proceeding into the luxury tax. As we've taken into knowledge, per the Warriors, going into the luxury tax can cost you big time, and it would not have been for the best if the Sixers ventured into the realm of luxury tax. Instead, Morey made the necessary moves to get rid of contracts and import new and more beneficial contracts. Morey was slowly but surely making moves behind closed doors, and people didn't even recognize what he was doing to make the team stronger. In the trade of Horford and Josh Richardson, plus other smaller moves made by Morey, the Sixers were able to move farther and farther away from the salary cap space, which gave them more money to spend on free agents like Dwight Howard.

The two problems (although there were many) surrounding the Sixers was the lack of accountability with the coaching and three-point shooting. Almost as soon as Morey was hired, he was making moves. So far, Morey has addressed everything that Sixers fans didn't think was possible. First off, Al Horford is gone. Every Sixer fan continued talking about Horford's absurd contract and how he doesn't fit with Embiid. Morey somehow found a trade candidate and got the deal done with the Thunder. He also got a shooter in the deal, Danny Green. Unfortunately, the Sixers are now overpaying Green with $15,365,854. It isn't nearly as bad as Al Horford, but still, the Sixers have to be wise about their team spending so that they can acquire as much talent as possible. Obviously, Danny Green will bring a veteran presence along with three point shooting. Secondly, he obtained two shooters that this team so desperately needed, Danny Green and Seth Curry.

So how will the new acquisitions of Howard, Bradley, and Ferguson shape out? Dwight Howard will very likely be the backup to Joel Embiid unless the Sixers want to input an enormous lineup with Howard at the PF, but that will not happen often. Tony Bradley will play the role that Kyle O'Quinn or Norvelle Pelle played being the 3rd string center. Terrance Ferguson will presumably take Zhaire Smith's role unless the Sixers development team sees serious improvement. The amount of money being withdrawn to pay Dwight Howard is very helpful for the team's salary cap, however, both Tony Bradley and Terrance Ferguson are being paid a greater value. All in all, those three players add up to about $10M in cap space for this season.

Morey took a struggling franchise backed up against the wall, and he completely remodeled the organization to compose a legitimate contending team. And who knows if he's finished? The trade deadline will likely occur on March 25th, giving Morey a large amount of time to make trades, and we know he'll come up with the most beneficial swaps that will profit the team even more.

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