How do the Warriors revamp their dynasty???

Now we all know how great of a roster the Warriors have, but let's take a look at how they can win easily again.

Steph and Klay are safe on this roster. I would say that Draymond is also safe as well unless they get an amazing offer. The Warriors own the #2 pick and they also have good trade pieces. They could go after a superstar or maybe just go after good players who will make a difference on this team! Let's take a look at some players who the Warriors can trade for!

Warriors receive: Marcus Smart, Robert Covington

Rockets receive: Andrew Wiggins, 14th overall pick, Warriors 2022 first-round pick

Celtics receive: P.J. Tucker, Eric Paschall, 2nd overall pick

The Warriors do this deal to add one of the best defensive players in the league and a 3 and D guy to come in and make a difference. They trade out of a bad draft class and only give up players who were there this year.

The Rockets do this to get younger and add a player with a lot of potential still. Wiggs could always be the missing piece that Houston needs to finally win.

The Celtics to this deal to trade up and continue to build their young roster. They could draft James Wiseman who is a good big man which is a weak spot for them. They also add a player who can play small ball and Eric Paschall who had an amazing rookie season.

The next trade is going to be for the Warriors to add a third star:

Warriors receive: Bradley Beal

Wizards receive: Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, 2nd overall pick, Min. 2021 top 3 protected first-round pick, Warriors 2022 first-round pick

The Warriors to this to add a 3rd star who will come in and be the 3rd splash bro. Bradley Beal would be the replacement of KD and the Warriors would thrive. Beal averaged 30+ this season and was snubbed of an all-star.

The Wizards do this if they want to enter a full rebuild. They will get a top 5 pick this year and a potential lottery pick next year. They will then wait for John Wall's contract to expire and then their rebuild officially starts!

Thank you for reading! Pls leave some feedback!

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