How does Odell Beckham Jr's season ending injury impact the Cleveland Browns?

Week 7 of the NFL started in a crazy way, the Cleveland Browns vs the Cincinnati Bengals was a very close game. On the first pass play for the Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield threw a pass resulting in an interception intended for Odell Beckham Jr. However, once the play was over Beckham was on the ground in a lot of pain. He awkwardly got lifted up in the air by multiple players and fell hard to the ground. After going to the locker room for further examination it was determined he was out for the remainder of the game.

Odell Beckham Jr. received an MRI Monday morning the day after the game. The results concluded that Odell Beckham Jr. tore his ACL which is ending his season. Quite a horrific and very sad way to end this season. The Browns players and staff are very upset and disappointed along with many Cleveland fans.

How will this impact the browns?

Odell Beckham Jr in pain as his best friend Jarvis Landry is watching over him worried.

The Cleveland Browns finished the game on a game winning drive when Baker throws a dime to Donovan Peoples-Jones for a touchdown. The final score was 37-34 as the Browns go to 5-2 and the Bengals fall to 1-5-1. It was a very good game. However, there was something that changed the whole momentum for this specific player.

Baker Mayfield. Baker started the game 0-5 and an interception that resulted in Beckham's injury. But after that injury things changed. Baker completed every single pass but one which was a spike to stop the clock towards the end of the game. He played extremely well and was very accurate. What does this have to do with Odell's injury you ask? Here's how.

Odell has been the main target of the team lately making Baker force the ball to Beckham. But most of the time Odell is either double covered or gets open too late. When Odell went out, Baker had threw to many different receivers including Jarvis Landry, Hollywood Higgins, Harrison Bryant (tight end), David Njoku (tight end), Donovan Peoples-Jones, and Kareem Hunt who is currently filling in for the injured Nick Chubb. Every pass was completed after Odell went down, because Baker didn't need to force the ball. Baker's QBR with Odell is 80, but without Odell is 117. That is a very big difference.

This could very well impact the season by having Baker going back to his tremendous 2018-19 season in his rookie year. If he does go back to that, that means more of a chance to beat those high tier teams under the Head Coaching of Kevin Stefanski, and a shot deep in the playoffs. All we can do right now is hope for the best and see what happens. Baker has been way better when the run game was efficient and in the play action pass. Here is a quick game recap of Week 7.

Baker Mayfield finished the day with 5 touchdown passes. 2 to the tight end Harrison Bryant filling in for the sick Austin Hooper, 1 to the tight end David Njoku, 1 to the running back Kareem Hunt and one to the wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones. Baker finished breaking a franchise record of completing 21 passes in a row and finished 22-28 with 297 yards. The Browns with 11 second left scored a touchdown from Baker to Donovan. The leader rusher was Kareem Hunt with 76 yards. All Cleveland receivers played well today. Myles Garrett finished with 2 sacks including a strip sack. It was a team effort. Well done Cleveland, prayers to OBJ, and GO BROWNS!

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