How every team in the NFL can make the Playoffs

There have been no eliminations in the NFL yet besides the Jets. So that means there is still slim hope for every fan to watch their team in the playoffs.

  1. The nearly out of it Tier

These teams have a very low shot of making the playoffs, but it is still possible

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have the lowest shot at making it to the playoffs as they would need the Pats, Dolphins, Titans, Texans, and Ravens or Browns to pretty much lose out and They would need to win out, but the hardest part of this would be the Jets having to win 3 games for the Jags to make the playoffs. I'm sorry Jacksonville fans but it is not looking too pretty in Duval.

Chance to Make it: 0.1%

2. Cincinnati Bengals

This team might have an even worse chance of making it with the loss of Joe Burrow. They would need all the team stated before to lose out, but you would need the Giants to skyrocket to 8 wins and the Jets now to win 4 games. If this all happens the Bengals could move all the way up to the 6th seed.

Chance to Make it: 0.3%

3. LA Chargers

This one is a lot more possible as the Jets only have to win one for the Chargers to make the playoffs and 2 for them to jump to the 5th seed. It also needs most of those teams to still lose out.

Chance to Make it: 2.5%

4. Atlanta Falcons

Theoretically, the Falcons can still make the first seed. This would force almost all the good teams to lose out, them beating the Cheifs and forcing the NFC East to become a good division. The most likely scenario is them sneaking in as a 6 or 7 seed making either the Bears, Bucs, Packers, Cards or Rams lose out.

Chance to make it: 4%

5. Houston Texans

Most people knew the Texans were not going to do much this year after the Hopkins trade. Deshaun Watson can try his best, but I don't see it being enough. It would have to be very similar to the Bengals and Chargers.

Chance to make it: 6%

2. The NFC East

There is not much to say about this division as any of the teams here could make it. This division is the race to 6 wins to see who gets to be destroyed in the Wild Card by either the Seahawks, Packers, or Saints. How it is looking my guess is that the Washington Football team will get through there as they still have games against the Cowboys, Eagles, and Panthers.

3. The On the Outside Looking in tier

  1. The Carolina Panthers

The Panther path would be almost identical to the Falcons as their only real chance of making it to the playoffs is the NFC turning into the NFC East and the obvious Panthers winning out.

Chance to make it: 7%

2. The Denver Broncos

The Broncos might have a more likely path to the Playoffs, but their route to the 1st seed is close to impossible as it would involve the Cheifs and Steelers losing out. Their path to the Playoff is hard but definitely not impossible as they can still go 10-6 which should be enough to put them in the Playoffs.

Chance to make it: 12%

3. Detroit Lions

The Lions have had a very interesting season with some comebacks, and some missed opportunities, but their playoff hopes are still alive and somewhat realistic. They would need the Bears to continue on their downtrend needing them to finish 8-8 or worse and they would also need the Packers to do the same. The rest is pretty similar to the rest of the NFC teams so far.

Chance to make it: 16%

4. New England Patriots Just Like the Broncos, the Patriots' path to the Playoff is slim, but not impossible. Unlike the Broncos Patrick Mahomes is not in their division. The Bills are good, but the Pats have a much more likely chance of getting through them than the Pats.

Chance to make it: 21%

5. San Francisco 49ers

It has been a rough season for the 49ers as they have had to deal with injuries all over the field. It is unlikely but possible for them to make the playoffs needing the NFC west to stop being good at football.

Chance to make it: 25%

6. Minnesota Vikings

It was looking good for Minnesota until they lost to the Cowboys and now it is not looking good at all for the Vikings. The thing they do get going for them is only 1 division loss. If Minnesota can claw back don't be surprised seeing Justin Jefferson take a pass to the house with 10 seconds left to beat the Saints in the playoffs.

Chance to make it: 28%

4. The Playoff Hopefuls

  1. Chicago Bears

At this rate, it is not looking too good for the Bears as they have dropped 4 in a row and their offense is looking worse than the Jets. The only thing that puts them over is Allen Robinson. While they don't need a miracle to make it to the Playoffs they do need to win 4 out of their 5 next division games, and can not afford to drop any other games out of the Division.

Chance to make it: 32%

2. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have been a very present surprise so far this year, and even with their loss they still have a very good shot to make it. The main question is if Tua will shake off his rough game and get the winning back on track.

Chance to make it: 38%

3. Las Vegas Raiders

After the heartbreaking loss to the Cheifs last night the Raiders missed out on a chance to take control over the Cheifs. There is still a lot of good to look forward to as Derek Carr is looking better than ever and the Raiders are sitting primed for a playoff spot.

Chance to make it: 41%

4. Baltimore Ravens

Things have been rough in Baltimore recently as they blew a win against the Titans and have lost 3/4 of their past games. While Lamar has not been at his MVP level it is not like the man has had much help out there. I think the Ravens will figure it out eventually, but hopefully, it is sooner rather than later.

Chance to make it: 48%

5. Arizona Cardinals

Another big surprise this season as Kyler Murray is playing lights out. Even though they are out of it right now I think they will end up in the playoffs. This D is too elite and their offense is too lethal to miss out.

Chance to make it: 52%

6. Tennessee Titans

The Titans are a very weird team. Sometimes they look just as dominant as a team like the Packers or Bills. And sometimes they look like the most overrated team in the league. If this team wants to stay in the playoff race they have to figure out their defense because allowing 17 points to the Bears is straight embarrassing.

Chance to make it: 53%

7. Los Angeles Rams

Although I think this team is overrated I still think they will make it to the playoffs. Just like the Titans this team has weeks where they looked like they are back in 2018 and other weeks where it looks like 2015. Thankfully for the Rams, they have a great head coach in Sean McVay who has made an average QB in Jared Goff look better than he is.

Chance to make it: 47%

8. Clevland Browns

That is weird to say. The Brows have done what the Bears have failed to do and take advantage of an easy schedule. The Brows probably would of beat the Raiders if it was not for the really bad weather and that would put them at 7-2, man 2020 is very weird.

Chance to make it: 62%

5. The near shoe-ins

  1. The Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have surprised me this season. They have a manageable schedule reaming and are sitting on top of their division. Although he has not been in prime form Phillip Rivers proved it was Anthony Lynn not him that put down the Chargers last year.

Chance to make it: 65%

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

To absolutely no one's surprise, the GOAT can do it anywhere. It does not matter what conference or coach. Besides that embarrassing loss on SNF to the Saints the Bucs have looked very good. Once the Brady Evans connection gets going this team can be truly lethal.

Chance to make it: 68%

3. Buffalo Bills

After a rough stretch, Josh Allen is back on the right track as even though they lost the He looked pretty good. If the Bills can leave the Hail Marry in the past they will ride the rest of the schedule out cruising into the playoffs.

Chance to make it: 73%

4. Greenbay Packers

Who came up with the good idea to call Aaron Rodgers washed. The person who did I would like to have a word with you because I am going to have to watch him put the Bears in the dirt on SNF. Aaron Rodgers is back if he was ever gone and is in the MVP race and has put the Packers in the race for the number 1 seed.

Chance to Make it: 76%

5. Seattle Seahawks

If it were not for their Defense the Seahawks could be 9-1 right now. Russ has had some turnover issues lately, but he is still putting up points. The thing the worries me most is their defense. When they have to travel to a place like Green Bay in the playoffs how will their defense play when it is a lot harder to score points on the offensive side and you are playing against Aaron Rodgers.

Chance to Make it: 79%

6. New Orleans Saints

After a bad start for the Saints, they have run through their schedule as they are sitting atop the NFC. Tasom Hill had a good week vs Atlanta, but I don't know how he will do in the Playoffs. Since they will most likely not have to play the Vikings the Saints have a real shot of going far this year.

Chance to make it: 82%

7. Kansas City Cheifs

Patrick Mahomes is still doing what he is doing as the Cheifs are looking like the best team in the NFL. Their D is playing better week by week and the offense is just as dominant. The Cheifs are primed to run it back to the Superbowl this year.

Chance to make it: 88%

Already Clinched:

Pittsburg Steelers 10-0

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