How good is the grizzlies young core?

To start off the grizzlies have a lot of players under the age of 30. They could trade some young people but who knows. This season the grizzlies are 32-33 so far. Right under 500. The grizzlies could always get a lottery pick this year and they will give us more young talent.

In fact the oldest person on the grizzlies is 30 (Gourgui Dieng). In the 2019 offseason the grizzlies got Ja Morant, Brandon Clarke, and Tyus Jones. Some other noticeable players that are under 30 are Jonas Valanciunas, Jaren Jackson Jr, Justice Winslow, Dillon Brooks, Josh Jackson, Kyle Anderson and many more. Before the season was on a hiatus the grizzlies were the 8th seed in the West. With the return of the season the grizzlies could not be in the playoffs. Zion Williamson will be back but he has only played a couple of games so far. I think this young core is special and we can get in the playoffs!

In the future I can see the grizzlies getting to at least the Confrence Finals maybe Finals. We will have to see what happens when the nba season returns. We have many years with our young core and they will prob be great years! But then again we will have to see what the future has for us!

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