How is the year looking for Penn State football? Part 1

The very worst PSU could do is 5-4, yes that's right, the very worst they could is 5-4(Ik the schedule is messed up so record this year will be messed up). Now the very best they could do is 9-0 and I think that it is very possible. Let me explain. These projections will be if there are no fans

So they start out with Northwestern. They had 3 wins last year against UNLV, UMASS, and Illinois. Not exactly the greatest. This game should not be much of a challenge. Northwestern's QB and a 3-9 TD-INT ratio and was sacked 11 times. Northwestern's defense though is not that bad, the problem last year was that the offense could not ever do any thing and the defense was on the field a lot and they got tired. Last year they had 3 players get at least 80 tackles on the team which is no that bad . The only way reason I could see this being a close game for at least the first quarter is that Northwestern has a great coach with Pat Fitzgerald. Honestly though chances are this game won't be close.

Then they go to Michigan. If there were fans allowed in I wold say Michigan but I do not think there will be fans, which helps PSU a lot. Michigan I personally think we should beat especially if there are no fans. They are returning there running back Zach Charbonnet and he had a solid second half against us last year, but they did lose there QB Shea Patterson and Michigan fans are saying that their new QB is gonna be good so I guess we'll see. Here is the reason I think we will beat Michigan. We have a much better offense then them, and they have only a little bit better defense then s so when they cancel out we should win. If there will be fans there I think Micigan will win but if not I say we get out with a win, it will be a close one, and every one needs to play well, but I think we will win.

Next up would be Iowa. This game is at Penn State. Iowa is losing their 4 yr starter Nate Stanley and this is a really big hit to them. On defense they had 2 players with 80 tackles, none close to Micah Parsons. With a new QB and how experienced defense will be I think Micah Parsons will have a huge game. On Offense I don't see them stopping us between our running game and if Sean Clifford has a good game honestly we could run away with this game.

Up next would be Ohio State. If there are no fans there, then in order for us to win every player has to bring their A game and there can be no mess ups. Sean Clifford has to have an amazing game, like no interceptions, knowing when to run and when not to. Our defense has to play amazing, we can not let Justin Fields shred us through the air and on the ground. I am going to be honest Ohio State is being a little bit over hyped. They lost 3 of their wide receivers. Their best 2 defensive player with Jeff Okudah and Chase Young and they lost JK Dobbins who had 2,000 yards rushing and I think they lost their tight end to and some other players. Now they do have a very strong recruiting class including Julian Flemming. It will be very interesting to see. I think if Penn state plays their A game and Ohio state makes a few mistakes I think we could win especially because of how young their team is.

Part 2 coming soon

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