How Lesser Ranked Teams and Teams With Many Players Sitting Out Will Utilize the Orlando Bubble

The hotels in Orlando themselves are enough to even get NBA players excited about playing again. A lot of fans are criticizing the worser teams like the Magic and Wizards and are saying that they shouldn't even be there. I personally think that this will be a very unique experience for both veterans and backups because of the opportunities they will both be given.

I'll start off with addressing how the lesser ranked teams will fair in the 22 team format and what they can do to get something out of the Orlando bubble. This is a good time to get bench players solid minutes if you know that you aren't going to win. It can help your team chemistry with both your starters and backups. Scrimmaging with just your team in a practice gym just isn't the same as playing in a real game against a full other team. This break has also given coaching staffs time to really work on the playbook and finalize the play call. No matter if your record is good or bad coming into Orlando, teams will be able to get a fresh look at new and improved plays.

As for teams that have multiple players sitting out for various reasons, it could go either way. For example, the Trail Blazers were looking to make a serious playoff run with Nurkic returning and the other players that they have in their lineup, but when Trevor Ariza announced that he would be sitting out, that created a huge dent in an already shallow SF position. They will now have to fill that void with Mario Hezonja and probable higher minutes for Carmelo Anthony. For teams such as the Wizards that were already not looking to go far with this format, losing players like Davis Bertans and Bradley Beal could actually be good for them as they get their young crew some more minutes. Again, for both of these teams it will be good to get used to the new and improved playbook and be able to run it live against another team in a game situation that you simply could not do with just your team. The teams with the best, hard-working coaching staffs and players that have continued to put in work over the hiatus will be the teams that will succeed in this format.

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