How Teams Could Benefit From the Chicago Bubble

It's still up in the air, nobody knows if the Chicago bubble will actually happen or not, but I'll be listing how the 8 teams that didn't make the 22 team Orlando trip would benefit from the Chicago bubble.

First I'll list off the teams which include the Warriors, Timberwolves, Hawks, Cavaliers, Pistons, Knicks, Bulls, and Hornets. Extra practice is obviously needed at this time and it's probably beneficial that coaches have this time off to really evaluate lineups, plays, etc. This is also a good time for players on these teams to really clear their heads and ready themselves for when they play again. If the bubble were to happen, coaching staffs and players would not have to worry about overly skilled competition, knowing that they are facing teams equal or similar in skill level to themselves. This would definitely be crucial for younger players and rookies as it would be better for them to play against players the same skill level of themselves to make themselves feel a bit better, plus you aren't going to improve if you're always playing against great teams with great players where you can't really do anything. I think that additionally these teams could form bonds and friendships through this bubble as it's just them, no superteams. This could fair well for the future with trades and relationships between teams.

This time will give players time to bond as a team, time to create good chemistry on and off the floor, and time to get to know one another through times other than practice in the bubble. It will also give coaches the ability to map out plays and depth charts, and then be able to test them out the next day in a scrimmage with another team, it's things like that you can't get from just your practice facility.

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