How the Bears can beat the Saints in the first round

The Chicago Bears have a pretty hard first round playoff matchup against the Saints. The Saints might have the best offense in the NFL. There offense is stacked with players like Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, Emmanual sanders and Taysom Hill. The bears have to play them by being the lowest seed they really dug them selves into this by going 8-8 and going from 5-1 to 5-7 to 8-8. But they made it and they got a chance I don't think the Bears will win this game but I'm going to go through some basics on how they can win this game.

  1. Controlling the clock on offense

The bears really need to chew some clock on offense the saints have a unstoppable offense. So if you can keep the ball out of the saints and Drew Brees hands for as long as possible that would be great. The bears really don't have that great of an offense so if the ball is in the saints hands for most of the time bears won't really be able to get a comeback going. But you never know the way the bears QB Mitchell Trubisky has been playing they can work some magic. A way the bears can drain the clock is to of course establish a run game with Running Back David Montgomery he has been playing lights out if he can get some first downs he can drain some time.

Bears offense:

2. Containing Running Back Alvin Kamara

RB Alvin Kamara has been amazing this year people even saying he is the best back this year. He can do a lot of things he can catch and run around the line. He is not like a Derrick Henry type Running Back just running people over but he is fast and can juke and catch run is his good playstyle. The bears really need to contain him he just dropped 6 TD's on the Vikings on Christmas day. I think since he is a run outside the line running back it will be the Middle linebackers job to get him that means it would be up to Roquan Smith and Danny Trevathan to get him. but if he breaks all the way free like he does a lot it will be up to guys in the back like Jaylon Johnson, Kyle Fuller and Eddie Jackson those guys are elite and I trust them to make the tackles on Kamara. I am not saying the Bears need to fully shut down Kamara because that's pretty much impossible to do. I am saying the Bears just need to slow down Kamara just enough to get the Bears by.

3. Hit receiver Allen Robinson

The Chicago bears need to hit receiver Allen Robinson vs Saints he had a very disappointing day against the packers in the bears last game. Robinson only had 2 receptions that game Bears coach really needs to have trust in Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to be able to hit Robinson a lot in this game. This is most likely Robinson last game for the Bears if they lose so if they have good chances to hit him or if the Bears are on a game winning drive and they need a game winning TD pass it to Robinson.

So that is my article on how the Bears can beat the Saints Please let me know what you think!

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