How The Buccaneers Supported Tom Brady Through Just One Offseason

Before Tom Brady signed with Tampa Bay in March 2020, the organization and its fans were dealing with a quarterback who just threw 30 interceptions, a run game that struggled, no playmaking tight ends, a defense that ranked 15th in the NFL in 2019, and the team's image as a losing franchise. Below are the players who were added that made this team a Super Bowl champion and what their role looked to be this season.

The first step is complete, Tom Brady is under contract to wear a Buccaneers uniform for two years, but the supporting cast around him needed work. Tampa Bay went to work on bringing in free agents like Leonard Fournette to keep the ground game effective, Rob Gronkowski to add familiarity for Tom, and a monster target for the red-zone, and the resigning of linebacker Shaq Barrett, the defending sack leader from the 2019-2020 campaign.

Tom Brady obviously helped Tampa as he threw for 4633 yards and 40 touchdowns while averaging 289.6 yards per game. Rob Gronkowski didn't really flash with his 42 receptions, 7 touchdowns, and 623 yards, but he did play all sixteen games and play the role as an amazing blocking tight end as well as his pass-catching role. He also caught two touchdowns in the Super Bowl that helped Tampa extend their lead over the defending champs. Leonard Fournette wasn't really used in the way everyone thought, but he was a grinder and showed to be useful in the playoffs, especially during their Wild Card game versus the Football Team when Ronald Jones hurt himself during pregame warmups. Fournette totaled 367 yards rushing and 6 scores in 13 games. Shaq Barrett played under the franchise tag in 2020, Barrett didn't have a big year but had 42 pressures. All of these players were a great start to the offseason, but the draft is where they really hit their mark.

In the first round, the Buccaneers drafted Tristen Wirfs with the 13th pick, an offensive tackle from Iowa. In order to get that pick, they exchanged first-round picks with San Fransisco at 13, ultimately moving up a single spot. Wirfs wasn't the top-ranked lineman during the draft but came out on top once the season concluded. Wirfs allowed a single sack and committed just 3 penalties on 1073 snaps. Wirfs knocked his rookie season out of the park, according to Tom Brady he "Did well in camp," and "Has a great maturity." Antoine Winfield Jr. was a second-round pick that was a difference-maker, he was a supporting cast for Tom because of the instant impact he had during the game and filled a role that has been neglected talent for quite some time. Winfield totaled two interceptions, three sacks, 112 tackles, two forced fumbles, and three TFLs(includes both regular season and postseason). Antoine brought swag and hard-hitting football to the Tampa defense.

These were the biggest supporting cast additions for Tampa Bay and Tom Brady, don't think I forgot about Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, along with Lavonte David and Devin White. I only am mentioning the players who were added after Tom Brady was with Tampa Bay.

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