How the Knicks Can Start Winning Again

For quite some time now the Knicks have been the joke of the league, but there may be a chance that they become good again. The Knicks are a relatively young team so improvement is bound to happen and the amount of cap space and assets they have leads me to believe they can acquire someone this offseason to improve this team. Who is that someone? Well in my opinion it comes down to 2 players, Westbrook and Paul.

A Chris Paul trade would look like:

Payton, Bullock, Ntilikina, Knox, 2 2021 2nd round picks for Paul

A Russell Westbrook Deal would look like:

Knox, Randle, and one of the 2020 1st round picks for Westbrook

I'm not neccessarily opposed to either deals since both deals will benefit New York. Both Paul and Westbrook are great slashers with high iq and have excellent passing abilities that would mainly benefit RJ Barrett. And honestly, whoever benefits RJ the most, they will be the one to be sought after. Now I say the Knicks should target Hayes/Haliburton with the 8th pick and tbh with the 27th pick I'd used as a trade piece for Westbrook.

Hopefully with the addition of a Star and a good pick, it would attract another star to come to New York. Though the likelihood of another star coming to New York during this off season is unlikely, it isn't entirely impossible. The Knicks could sign Harrell, Gallinari, Wood, Bertans, Melo, or Howard. I doubt the Knicks go after another guard. In my opinion, the player I'd like to come out of this group would be Howard or Harrell.

So why not have some fun and form some lineups?

(Keep in mind there is like a lot of scenarios that can happen I'm just gonna group Hayes and Howard together bc I think they'd work well together and I'm gonna group Haliburton and Harrell together bc I think they'd work well together too.)

Option 1: Westbrook+Hayes+Howard

PG: Westbrook SG: Hayes SF: Barrett PF: Howard C: Robinson

Imo this lineup has the potential to be lethal, Westbrook/Hayes/Barrett all can slash/pass/shoot and Howard/Robinson can rebound/defend/and PNR really well. This could definitely be a playoff team. Maybe a 1st/2nd round exit or if they are having the play in tournament they can also exit in that. Westbrook would need the ball in his hands to score and create for others so the offense would flow through him.

Option 2: Paul+Haliburton+Harrell

PG: Paul SG: Haliburton SF: Barrett PF: Randle C: Harrell/Robinson

I think this could also be a playoff contending team. The 3 big men out of Randle/Harrell/Robinson will cause a lot of a problems for teams and especially since Paul is a floor maestro he is gonna orchestrate this offense to work. Haliburton and Barrett can provide outside shooting options as well as Randle so this Offense + Defense could lead the Knicks to the ECF. Randle is a little Ball dominant so that may be an issue.

Option 3: Paul+Hayes+Howard

PG:Paul SG: Hayes SF: Barrett PF: Howard/Randle C: Robinson

This Team could actually workout really well in my opinion especiallly since 2 dominant Big men are on the floor and the PnR is gonna work extremely well for New York. I say this team has a ECF/Finals Ceiling because the ball movement will work really well and no one here is ball dominant but they all can score when they need to. Personally I'd start Howard over Randle to flow the offense better. Also Paul and Hayes can work really well.

4th option: Westbrook+Haliburton+Harrell

PG: Westbrook SG: Haliburton SF: Barrett PF: Harrell C: Robinson

I say this team makes it to the ECF or Finals. It's not because I think Haliburton is a better fit with Westbrook. I just think Harrell has that impact and could work well with Westbrook

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