How Will Coronavirus Effect The 2020 NFL Season?

The 2020 NFL season is coming in September, or at least we think it is. Due to the Coronavirus, the world has been limited in ways many of us haven't seen in a long time. Many places as of right now are opening back up, but require masks and social distancing rules to remain safe. Sports have been struggling, but it seems that they will all be making a comeback later this year. Basketball has set a date for a return on July 31st. Football has been a big question mark though. The NFL has taken many precautions on how to come back for the 2020 NFL season. Facilities have taken very cautious approaches on how to keep players and staff safe, by wearing masks, checking temperatures for anyone entering the building, and also asking questions to those entering the building if they've been in contact with anyone who is sick or such. However, what will it look like in 2020?

With Facilities and team buildings opening up alongside many precautions to keep personnel, coaches, and players safe, the NFL is aiming at how games will be played this season. One of the many adjustments may be playing without fans. How would this work? How will owners make profits off of playing these games? Could the NFL possibly add in a UFC like payment where you have to pay to watch the games on TV? Will teams limit the amount of people allowed into their stadium for a game? Many financial issues come into play when considering a season without fans. Especially with superstars you have to pay 10's of millions a year. It will be a very big issue the NFL needs to cover.

Speaking of whether or not fans will be able to go to games, if the NFL decides to have no fans, will they use crowd sounds to make up for it? Or will they let games play out and have no crowd noise? I personally believe a season without any fans or inputted crowd noise would be very fun to listen to. Every hit and scuffle between players would be heard like never before. I think it would be awesome to hear helmets clash and trash talk. It would be the NFL like we've never seen before!

One of the biggest issues however will be dealing with new cases of Covid-19 among players and controlling the spread among other players. Its a difficult task, but what makes this harder, are the recent cases of Coronavirus to Cowboys and Texans players. But what makes this even a harder hit to all the NFL fans, is that Ezekiel Elliot were one of the players diagnosed. Zeke is a superstar running back for the Dallas Cowboys. The biggest market of sports across the world. Every season Zeke has played in he has had over 1000 yards rushing except in one. And the one he didn't get over 1000 yards, he was only 17 yards away from doing so. With this, many questions raise on the NFL and the care of its staff and players. However, I think it will be a harsh reality everyone will have to accept, that there will be plenty of players that get tested positive for Coronavirus. It will be something the NFL has to overcome, and show the public everything will work out.

One last thing the NFL has been considering doing for this year, is finding a way to implement masks into helmets, that keep players safe from contracting possible viruses, but also being able to breathe and play at a high level for a 60 minute ball game. I don't believe the NFL has the technology for something like this, so the idea may be potentially scrapped, but with the recent cases of Covid-19 contracted to Cowboys and Texans players, this could be something the NFL pursues further in the future.

With everything I've said in this article, do I think the NFL season will return? I have no clue. But I sure hope it is. The league has so many aging players that need to get in their final years of playing at a high level. I don't know how the league would do either financially if it were to cancel the season. So I suppose I'm leaning more towards yes, the season will play out. but it's still close to the middle. What do you think? will the NFL return? Comment below!

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