Ideal Trade Options For Max Domi

There have been many rumors that Max Domi could get traded. I think this could be a good idea. Trading Domi kinda sucks because his value took a hit because of the down year he had this year. I decided to make some mock trades for Domi that make sense for both teams. 1. Max Domi, Jonathan Drouin, and a 2021 3rd for Nikolaj Ehlers This trade really benefits both teams. The Jets get a 2nd line centre who could step in for Bryan Little who might have to retire. The jets also get Drouin who still has 1st line upside and a change of scenery could really help him break out. The habs in return get a great winger in Ehlers. Ehlers has one of the best transitional games in the league, he has a good contract, and he has great shooting talent/finish ability which is what the habs desperately need. The only issue with this trade is the fact that Domi is an RFA and they might not be able to sign him and be able to take Drouin's contract. 2. Max Domi, Jonathan Drouin, and a 2021 3rd for Andre Burakovsky, Valeri Nichushkin and a 2021 4th. This trade really helps the habs out. It gives them a defensive god in Nichushkin and an elite finisher/shooter in Burakovsky. This also benefits the Avs as well. They get a good 2nd or 3rd line C in Domi and the Avs get a 2nd or 3rd line LW in Drouin. This maintains the Avs forward depth and looking at the Avs cap space they are able to take Drouin's contract and will be able to sign Domi however the 1 concern here is that there is that Burakovsky and Nichushkin are RFAs and might not want to sign. 3. Max Domi and a 2021 3rd for Dominik Kahun. This trade really helps out both teams out. The Sabres get rights to Domi who could be their 2nd line LW or C and the habs get Kahun who is very good and has great shooting talent which helps the habs out. This trade is very good but I think the habs might want to add a bit more because Domi is probably going to want more then Kahun and they are around the same skill. I think these trades are the best options if you want to move Domi. I think that the habs should take this oppurtunity to get players with shooting talent which would be key to help them contend.

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