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After a pro bowl season came to an abrupt end thanks to the double doink, many were hoping to see the same performance from Trubisky in 2019, but that did not happen at all. The bears wound up having a mediocre 8-8 season, finishing 3rd in the NFC north. QB Mitch Trubisky only threw for 3,138 yards, 17 TD's and 10 interceptions and had a 83.00 QBR. Many fans wanted Trubisky out, which is not what General Manager Ryan Pace had in mind. But he did not want to go into the season only having Trubisky. After losing previous backup quarterback Chase Daniels to the Detroit Lions in free agency, Pace had to make a move fast. So thats what he did, he traded for former super bowl MVP quarterback Nick Foles from the Jacksonville Jaguars, and only gave up a 4th round pick. Now many fans (including myself) were upset with this, mainly because a year before Foles signed a huge 4 year $88 million contract. But Foles would then restructure his contract with the bears and took a massive pay cut which now makes his contract only a three year deal worth $24 million. Now the question is, Who will start week one? My answer, It's Trubisky. Now even though many disagree with me, i believe that Mitch will have a career year. He is using the Bears trading for Foles as motivation to do better, and using his critics as motivation as well. Trubsiky stated "I feel like i'm in a good mental space. I'm motivated and driven to do more than i did last year. I am very locked in on what i've got to do". He was also seen working out with one of the top technical QB coaches Jeff Christiansen. He has been working out with many Wide Receivers and been studying the playbook a lot. The 4th year QB has also been getting a lot of praise from Head coach Matt Nagy based off what he has been doing in the offseason. Even if Trubisky doesn't perform well, we still have Foles who is a proven winner, so i don't see how the bears are going to be a bottom tier team. But i will talk about that in my next article!

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