Interview with NFL Reciever Marcus Peterson

As the founder of The Up Dawg, one of my goals is to have professional sports experience on the website. This week, I had the opportunity to talk to NFL wide receiver Marcus Peterson.

Marcus went to undergrad at Apple University in Kansas City and then transferred to Seton Hall before receiving his MBA in London.

Marcus played with the Chargers in 2018 for a year and is currently a free agent. As well as a receiver, Peterson is a successful model, entrepreneur, and actor. He acts on the well-known football TV show known as All American.

Q: Your education is pretty out of the ordinary for an NFL athlete. You went to college for four years and then got your MBA in London. It seems athletes don’t care about their education as much and rather on making the NFL. Why is education so important to you?

A: I would say getting the money when you can get it is a smart idea but everyone’s situation is different I was a long shot so I knew I need my education as a backup and seeing my friends that were older than me when they were done with football they had no other passions and trying to find there identity.

Q: You were with the Chargers for a year and are now a free agent. You haven’t been a star on the team necessarily. What is the struggle of trying getting signed by the team, and once you are on the practice squad, trying to be moved on to the 53 man roster for game day?

A: Honestly everything is political you just have to learn how to control what you can control. And enjoy every moment. The beautiful thing with me is I know how to market myself and network when my temperature is hot so just keep grinding praying for that next opportunity if God willing.

Q: You are a free agent and not on a roster. And are you looking to make an NFL team? And is it harder to make a roster due to Covid-19?

A: Yes Covid is making it so much harder for free agents like myself this year of 2020 season

Q: When you were on the Chargers for that year, the team was very good, finishing 12-4. What are the team and locker room dynamics of a team that is playoff-caliber and a team looking to compete for the Super Bowl?

A: The culture and unity were so dope and the togetherness not only with the players and organization but everyone who played a part in the chargers organization. From staff to players everyone was buying in and on the same page but unfortunately, injuries plagued us.

Thank you to Marcus for this great Q and A!

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