Is it really worth it for the Jets?

The New York Jets are on pace to end the 2020-2021 NFL season 0-16. With just 6 games left for the Jets they stand at the record of 0-10 with a loss to the Los Angeles Chargers of a score of 34-28 on Sunday, November 23. Overall the Jets have not had a lot of luck with winning and it doesn't seem that will happen for a long time. The Jets have had some bad luck with injuries also that could have been a difference in some games this season for the Jets. At this point the Jets are tanking and I think thats very noticeable. With the loss to the Chargers the New York Jets were officially eliminated from playoff contention and with the rest of their schedule it's not likely the Jets can pull off at least 1 win to avoid embarrassment.

For all my Jet fans yes it is a very disappointing season but it can also be the next best thing in the New York Jets franchise. With the Jets most likely ending 0-16 that locks them in for the 1st draft pick in the entire draft and lucky for them this draft holds one of the best QB draft classes we have possibly ever seen! The top 2 QBs that the football world is talking about is QB Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) and QB Justin Fields (Ohio State). Trevor Lawrence is the heisman front runner but right behind him is Justin Fields. The jets are looking for one serious turn around and they can get that turn around in one year and heres why.

With common sense the 1st pick in the draft for the Jets will be QB Trevor Lawrence and will try to trade QB Sam Darnold for at least a 2nd round pick. So right off the bat you have a fresh QB that can very well can be the next Joe Namath in New York but the Jets also have the Seattle Seahawks 1st round pick and Seattles 1st round pick for 2022 also. The Jets have about 80 million in cap space and plenty enough to get weapons for Trevor Lawrence and can target some of the leagues best like WR Allen Robinson (Chicago Bears) and WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (Pittsburgh Steelers) and many more great players to surround Trevor Lawrence with. Last but not least Adam Gase. Head coach Adam Gase is in the middle of his second year as the Jets head coach with as of right now has an overall record of 7-19 as the Jets head coach.

There are rumors all over the place that there is a 99 percent chance Adam Gase loses his job this off-season. Just like the QB draft class there are also amazing coaching candidates and one that really pops out is head coach of Michigan Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh brought a 49ers ball club to the super bowl in 2013 but a couple years before that the 49ers looked like a 2020 New York Jets team but he turned that around and turned the team into contenders. If the Jets GM Joe Douglas can lure Jim Harbaugh to New York there will be players in free agency that will love that and would like to come play for him for the amazing coach that he is if the Jets just draft QB Trevor Lawrence, sign some serious weapons for QB Trevor Lawrence, and sign Jim Harbaugh as our next head coach all in this upcoming off-season I can promise you this New York jets team will look like a very scary team next year but if not next year don't be upset Jet fans cause that just means we have to wait a normal rebuild process give it 3-4 years and this team will be SUPER BOWL contenders.

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