Is Penn State the future RBU?

There has been a question that has come up recently, who is the next RBU? Well I'm going to be honest in the next few years PSU should be up there.

  • Penn State has produced two RBs in the NFL right now - Saquon Barkley and Miles Sanders. Now Saquon is so freakishly athletic and has the potential of becoming a hall of famer by the time he retires. Miles Sanders showed a lot of potential last year but the problem last year was that he split carries with Jordan Howard and now Jordan Howard is not there and now 119 carries are up in the air and expect a lot of those carries to go to Sanders, some will go to Boston Scott but the majority of those carries will go to Sanders. I'm going to go into detail now.

  • Saquon Barkley has the workhorse ability that not many running backs can be. Last year he missed a few games he had 1,003 yds and he missed a few games. When Saquon got injured he tried to return but was not allowed to by coaches, he's just an overall beast. He also helps a lot receiving. Last year he didn't have as big of a year receving but the Giants also have more options then they have in recent years with Sterling Sheperd, Golden Tate, and Darius Slayton. This year he will have lots of options this year, between those 3 wide receivers I mentioned they also added David Sills who could help if one of the starting receivers got hurt or something he would be a solid receiver. He had 721 yds receiving AS A ROOKIE!!! He has true talent and honestly has potential of becoming a hall of famer if he stays healthy

  • Miles Sanders you should expect a big year from him this year. This year there will be no Jordan Howard, who took up a lot of the carries for the Eagles and now Sanders can probably have at least 200 carries this year which not to many running backs can do that. He also had 509 yds receving which not to many running backs and he also was a rookie. Expect big things from Sanders ths year and also Sanders should be the starting running back for whatever team he is on for the ext 7 years. On to Penn State's running backs.

  • Journey Brown had a strong start but for a lot of games he split carries with Noah Cain until the final few games. The final 5 games he had over 100 yds for every game except for Ohio State, but against Memphis he had over 200 yds so that makes up for Ohio State. He has speed and incredible explosiveness. If he gets the role he got at the end of the end of the year or at least something close to it he will be a second round pick at least if he goes to the draft next year which he probably will, but he had almost 450 yds just from the last 5 games. Also he destroyed the entire Memphis defense so if you haven't seen his highlights from that game I encourage you to he destroyed them.

  • Noah Cain had 8 rushing touchdowns AS A FRESHMAN!!! He also got that as a backup. Expect him to be the guy that gets the ball when we are 4 yards or less from the first down or a touchdown. Expect another solid year from him. If Brown does go pro this next year then Cain will be the starter the next year and he will have an even better year and he could probably go second round if he then goes pro.

  • Devyn Ford is a 5 star running back and he, if he stays, will be the starter 3 yrs from now. I personally don't think he will stay that long and it would be is senior year I see him transferring.

  • Keyvone Lee and Caziah Holmes are two 4 star running back that willl be coming to PSU. One of these two running backs will probably get to the NFL. With our offensive line and how we got a solid new offensive line coach we will have a good oline and that will help these two a lot.

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