Is Tayler Jenkins A candidate for COTY?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

1st year head coach for the Memphis Grizzlies Taylor Jenkins has been great for the grizzlies this season with a record of 32-33 Before the restart! He has a lot of young talent on his hands. He is also replacing J.B Bickerstaff. J.B. Had a record of 15-48 in the 2018-2019 season. But while J.B. was still in Memphis they did get the 1 seed! That record turned into the 2nd pick in the 2019 NBA Draft which turned into Ja Morant.

So far it looks like the grizzlies like Taylor Jenkins and they are getting ready for the restart. Before he got the grizzlies job he was an assistant coach for the Milwaukee Bucks. So he knows what it’s like to be in the playoff. Also I think he has a great playbook. Bigger thing can come later in the season but we will have to see! He could also build a great relationship with players so they could resign.

Tayler Jenkins also said that the whole roster should be on their way to Orlando and that means that Jaren, Justice, And Brandon will all be back. Also this is the 1st year of rebranding and we are the 8th seed. Doing way better than last year. The Grizzlies front office made a great choice in signing Taylor in my opinion. And maybe if he does win COTY he might attract some players to play with him! It depends how we do in Orlando for Taylor to be a candidate!

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