Is Ty Lue a Good Fit for the Clippers?

Amidst the head coaching madness, Ty Lue may have gotten overlooked in the search. Well, let me profile it from the very beginning.

Steve Ballmer, the Clippers GM, didn't just go to Ty Lue right away, he did a vast search for a head coach and interviewed several for the job. Ty Lue, however, was always one of the highest considerations to be the next HC for the Clippers organization. This was brought on by not just the front office, but players have shown heavy interest in Lue as well. Lue has a .607 win percentage as he is 128-83 throughout the regular season and he has a .672 win percentage in the playoffs, which is 41-20. That is the 3rd best win percentage in the playoffs with 25+ games coached and he is only behind the great Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson. The good thing about Ty Lue taking this HC job, is that he's been there, he knows what's going on. People are talking about how Lue is on the "hot seat" taking this job, and the truth is, he most definitely is on the hot seat. This organization has the right players, they have a very talented group. What they need is the right coaching staff to lead the way. Last season, Paul George was the leader on the court, but players didn't always take his advice the way they should because they were oftentimes irritated at him. We all know Kawhi is not going to be vocal and in no ways is Kawhi Leonard a leader of this Clipper basketball team. That will not change. What I just said about Paul George also applies for Doc Rivers. Doc Rivers has been with the team for so long that players start to drown him out because it's the same thing every speech. With Ty Lue, he will likely bring a similar gameplan, but will speak it in a different way that players will hear and understand. Lue also has a slight advantage over other HC candidates that were making a run for the LAC HC job. Lue has been with this team for about a year now, so he's grown accustomed to Doc's way of coaching and the player's needs and mentalities. This will help him tremendously as the coach of this team because it's almost as if he's gotten a head start to be more prepared for the job ahead.

Fans should know how Lue communicates with players. He is a good communicator on the court but he is a good communicator with big name players. A lot of delusional fans think that Lue wasn't the coach of the Cavs, LeBron was. This statement is just flat out not true. LeBron could very well be a coach, but Lue was the one who drew up plays for LeBron and Kyrie. One of the most important factors that applies to Lue is his ability to stand up to stars. You could see in his Cleveland days when he would flat out yell at either LeBron and Kyrie if they did something wrong and it cost them. If you can stand up to LeBron, then you're not going to have any problem standing up to Kawhi and Paul George. This is what needs to happen. Accountability needs to happen, and it needs to happen now. The Clippers are ready, they have the talent, they have the knowledge, they just need to have chemistry on and off the floor, and hopefully Ty Lue will be able to bring that to this team.

That's all for now! Until next time, remember how well Ty Lue communicates with stars and how that could work out with PG and Kawhi! Thanks for reading!

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