Is Zach Collins a Future Star Center?

I was re-watching game 7 of the WCSF and got to see Zach Collins play again and I was able to see the raw talent and skill that this young big man has. In his first two seasons he wasn't playing big minutes, but this season when he played, the Blazers let him play for 28.8 MPG. He only averaged 9 PPG and 4 RPG, but I see flashes of big talent. The more touches he gets, the more he scores, and he can even shoot from outside. He shot 42.9% from three this season, but he only played three games. He can also block shots at an extremely high level. Although his assist numbers aren't great, when he does pass the ball, it is on point and his passing IQ is high. One thing about Collins is that he improves when his team gets to the playoffs. The series where you can really see his potential was the WCSF series where the Trail Blazers played all 7 games against Denver. In the game where he played the lowest minutes was the only game he had no blocks. When he played more than 20 minutes, he had two 2 block games, a 4 block game, and a 5 block game, which just goes to show that he does have extreme potential. There are two notable flaws in his game, the amount of times he turns the ball over and his foul trouble. Collins has a small anger management problem and he lets it get the best of him sometimes. He fouls without thinking and is often in foul trouble during games. His anger problems and his poor fouling IQ do not match up well together, which causes many unnecessary fouls that detriment him and the team. So, we all know that he will work hard to improve, but will his attitude and fouling trouble get in the way of all that? It's unclear whether the Blazers will keep him or not given the fact that they have Whiteside and Nurkic. Collins can play the PF as well but it's still questionable whether they want him or not. I think Collins could flourish with a hard core coach that would instill discipline in him so that he would lose his bad habits of fouling unnecessarily and his angry attitude. Again, we know Collins will work to be better, but we will never know how his attitude and fouling IQ will factor into his future.

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