Is Zach Wilson a 1st Round Quarterback?

Zach Wilson is the current quarterback at BYU, a college in Porvo, Utah. Zach stands at 6' 3" 209 pounds and is a junior. Recently, he has risen on a lot of draft boards, and for good reason too.

It's been noticed he can throw the ball very accurately for a college quarterback, he throws a nice, tight, and hard spiral, he also has a strong arm. But one thing I want to talk about is his footwork, in a game against Western Kentucky in 2020, Wilson was under pressure and the pocket was collapsing late in the second quarter, he was looking to throw and of course was setting his feet, but he did something very little college quarterbacks do, he was extremely light and quick with his feet when he was shifting his body to scramble. Just the quickness of his decision and feet really impressed me.

This video has the play I am talking about as well as full highlights from that game.

Zach Wilson is a perfect fit for the NFL, body wise. He is tall enough for NFL teams to trust that he can shed off defenders and he is heavy enough to withstand being brought down. From the other side, he is small enough to be a successful and quick quarterback when he scrambles, and is light enough to elude defenders in small pockets. Scouts always look for athleticism in different situations, a player could show great movement in the pocket, but when in the open field the player could be slow or make bad attempts to get past a defender.

Despite the nickname 'Mormon Manziel', Wilson is one of the more accurate passers of college football. Throughout each year he has played, Zach has a completion percentage of 60% or more, so far in his junior year Wilson has a 75.1 completion percentage. He is T-7 out of every college quarterback who has thrown multiple passes this year for pass completions with 166. Wilson is also ranked third in terms of completion percentage. He has flown under the radar as a quarterback because his team doesn't go to big games and is only a junior, if you use stats as a base for player success, he looks to be a top seven quarterback in every passing category, the top six being mostly seniors and top draft picks.

Although he passes well, he also runs well too. Now, I wouldn't compare him to Lamar Jackson type of running style, I would compare him to more of a Patrick Mahomes or Steve Young kind of running, he doesn't have blazing speed but is a powerful and semi-physical runner who isn't afford to take hits. He also under throws receivers more than overthrows the, take it as a positive or negative, I think it's better than overthrowing them. He has only fourteen career interceptions, and only two this year in 2020, which is tied with 29 or 30 other quarterbacks in the NCAA. Lastly, Zach Wilson has hung around star college quarterbacks in statistical rankings, it just shows he can hang around with the best.

Zach Wilson is no doubt going to be drafted, he could be selected in either 2021 or 2022, it doesn't matter, he will be selected. But which NFL teams need quarterbacks and what will the teams who do look like after this year or by 2022?

Minnesota Vikings- The Vikings desperately need a new starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins is not getting it done. Minnesota is a candidate for drafting the BYU star because they are set on offense besides a better offensive line, the running back in Dalvin Cook can carry the entire team as he has shown throughout his career. The receivers are set with Pro Bowler Adam Thielen and an upcoming rookie that is Justin Jefferson, along with preferred tight end Irv Smith Jr and Kyle Rudolph. Wilson would do wonders to that offense, he isn't turnover prone like Kirk Cousins and he might be more accurate than Cousins as well, also he's a capable scrambler, the first notable ones they've had since Tavaris Jackson (2006-2010) and Donavan McNabb (2011).

New England Patriots- Tom Brady has left New England and Cam Newton is not performing even close to standards, and their quarterback room doesn't have the next franchise player. If they do end up drafting him, the organization would be getting a Tom Brady clone, who can scramble. Wilson is a field general and has a NFL arm already, the Patriots develop players extremely well and would have this kid ready in no time to start throwing NFL passes, they might have to get him a couple receivers to throw to as Julian Edelman is getting close to retirement. Zach Wilson is they type of player Bill Belichick likes.

Indianapolis Colts- You could argue who Zach Wilson reminds you of, he reminds me of many different quarterbacks, but the one he reminds me of the most is Andrew Luck. Luck wasn't a fast runner nor a weak armed passer, he was mostly spot-on with his passes and controlled the field and his offense, Zach has multiple of those abilities. The Colts are currently renting Philip Rivers, but he is just a bridge quarterback. The Colts team is set for the playoffs, a playmaking defense, a top five ranked offensive line, receivers and running backs are good and have good depth, all they are missing is a franchise QB.

New Orleans Saints- Although Jamis Winston is the backup when Drew Brees retires, is he really a long-term answer? Zach Wilson would be slated for winning once he steps in that building, Alvin Kamara, Micheal Thomas, Taysom Hill, and Jared Cook. Wilson would already be an athletic upgrade above Brees because, as I've mentioned several times, he can scramble. New Orleans would retain a pocket passer and a QB with good awareness. I can see New Orleans drafting Zach Wilson if he falls to them in the first round.

Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan is on the wrong side of thirty, their backup quarterback is Matt Schaub, also on the wrong side of thirty. Atlanta would love to welcome Zach Wilson to Atlanta, they would need to fix up their defense and offensive line, but the quarterback is a position that franchises are based off of. I don't want to repeat myself for the fifth time but you know his skillset and abilities, the Falcons could draft him and not have to worry about the position for the next 10-15 years.

Overall, I think Zach Wilson is a first round quarterback, as the season goes on he will only receive more attention and word of mouth. Zach has statistically set himself with top ranked players like Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence. His play has shown he could declare for the 2021 NFL Draft and be picked in the first round or early second round.

Let me know if you think Zach Wilson is a first-round caliber selection and what you think of my article in the comment section.

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