It's not time to give up on Carson Wentz

In today's loss for the Eagles, Carson Wentz was benched in favor of rookie QB Jalen Hurts in the 3rd quarter with the Eagles down 20-6. Wentz was just 6-15 with 79 yards on the day. Hurts replaced him and instantly provided a spark for the Eagles, bringing them back to 23-16 before an Aaron Jones TD late in the 4th sealed their fate. Hurts, wasn't that much better than Wentz going 5-12 with 109 yards 1 TD and 1 INT. Wentz should be the starter going forward in my opinion, and I'm going to dive deeper in to that right now.

Carson Wentz has had his fair share of struggles this season, as he does lead the NFL in interceptions thrown, ranks 27th in QBR with a 49.3, 29th in passer rating with a 72.8, and has been the most sacked QB, being sacked 50 times through 11 games and 3 quarters. That last stat, 50 sacks, has a toll on a person's body, and with those 50 sacks, comes a lot of pressure, which leads to Wentz forcing balls out early, and not getting enough on a throw because he has been harassed. The Eagles typically have a good offensive line, but this year they've been hit with the injury bug. All Pro T Lane Johnson played in just 7 games, and has been placed on IR for the rest of the season, Pro Bowl G Brandon Brooks was ruled out for the entire season without playing a single game, starting G Issac Seumalo was on IR from week 2 until week 10, and made his first start since week 2, in week 11, former All Pro T Jason Peters has also only played in 7 games, and has been thrown across the OL, playing LT RG and RT this season. The only constant this offensive line group has is Jason Kelce, who hasn't missed a game since 2014. With several Pro Bowl and All Pro level OL out for the Eagles, it hurts Wentz because he's being forced into rushing his reads, forcing balls into tough spots and throwing balls too early before the route can fully develop. Now the lack of an offensive line isn't completely to blame for Wentz's struggles, but they definitely play a part in them.

Now Wentz's weapons this season have been abysmal. His leading receiver is Travis Fulgham, who was elevated off the Eagles practice squad before making his Eagle debut in which he had 57 yards and a TD in the Eagles first win of the season against the 49ers. A practice squad WR is the team's leading receiver and he's played in just 9 games. Speedster Marquise Goodwin was ruled out for the season, Desean Jackson played in just 4 games before suffering an ankle fracture against the Giants after he had just returned from an absence, that put him on IR for an expected 6-8 weeks before he can return, Alshon Jeffery just came back in week 10, and has had no impact on the roster. The 21st pick of the draft Jalen Reagor has played in just 7 games, and hasn't lived up to being drafted ahead of Justin Jefferson, who is having a breakout campaign. Zach Ertz has played in 7 of the team's 12 games, and Dallas Goedert has missed 4 games as well. With all those injuries, Wentz has been forced to throw to a practice squad WR, Greg Ward, an undrafted college QB turned WR, and Richard Rodgers. Clearly, that would be the worst group of receivers in the NFL, worse than the Patriots. With a group of receivers he isn't used to, having to put trust in them to make a play in a big moment, seems unrealistic to me. He doesn't have the chemistry with those guys, which is why he's targeted the people he knows he can trust, that being Fulgham and the team's 3 TE. They've proved themselves to Wentz that he can trust them to make big plays when he needs them.

Obviously, lack of pass catchers and a horrible offensive line aren't the only reason that Wentz has struggled. Some of it falls on him. Wentz hasn't been able to make the right read, enough of the time, and he rushes through his reads because he's constantly under pressure. Weird enough, with all the pressure he faces Wentz has one of the longest time to throw, T-6 with 2.91 seconds before a throw comes out. He needs to get the ball out quicker and try to force balls into tough window's. He needs to take a step back, and look and make the easier throws before he finds himself without a job.

In my mind, it makes absolutely no sense to bench Carson Wentz. Wentz was ELITE last season, throwing for 4k+ with 27 TD to just 7 INT. Wentz has shown his potential and he continues to tell the media he's frustrated and knows he can do better, which is what he said after the loss to the Packers. Wentz is also on massive deal, making 32 million annually until 2024, when Wentz is 31. I just think that this is Wentz's team, and that the hate on him should be taken down a notch, or several. Take a look at what the guy has to work with before judging him as a player. If Wentz can turn this season around, and lead the Eagles to the playoffs it should be without a doubt Wentz's team next year, and in the future. If not, then we can talk about a potential QB change for the Eagles.

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