Jaguars Team Breakdown (1st of 32)

The Jaguars are going into this season ranked as my 32nd best team. I have them winning 2 games this year and finishing 4th in the AFC South and 16th in the AFC. Below is my in-depth breakdown of the team by position, staff, and fantasy worth.

Coaching: C-; The Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone is one of the most likely coaches to be fired after this season. Since the teams 10-6 year, where Marrone showed a lot of potential, the jaguars have fallen off a cliff. Although I do like the new addition of offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, the coaching on this team is far below average. One more bad year, and Marrone most likely will be replaced.

QB: C+; The Jaguars are closer to the bottom when it comes to QB. Gardner Minshew played  12 games last year and put up a solid [233 ypg, 60.6 cmp%, 7.0 ypa, 4.5 TD%, and 1.3 INT%]. I will say that Minshew surprised me when he played, but he is still a below average QB when compared to other starters. Young players such as Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, and Baker Mayfield are much better. Though, quarterback is not currently the Jaguars biggest problem, they might have to look into drafting a new one this coming year. It all depends on how Minshew performs this year.

RB: B+; Leonard Fournette is still a decent running back, but he won’t be producing great numbers due to the poor O-line.  Last year he just managed to break 1,100 yards on 4.3 ypc. I suspect he will perform worse with a bigger passing attack that Jay Gruden will run. The Jaguars added a bit of depth with Chris Thompson, but they’re running back room still isn’t elite. On a good team, these backs could be very dangerous I have to say.

WR: B; With DJ Chark wrapping up an impressive sophomore season and Laviska Shenault being drafted out of Colorado, this  receiver room looks impressive. Deedee Westbrook should be an above average slot receiver. He was a little underrated last year, as he managed to pick up 41.3 ypg and 3 TD through the air. The main downside is there is a lack of depth to this offense that might show late in the year. Also, Shenault’s skill is a question as he is a rookie.

TE: C+; This tight end group is very average. They added Tyler Eifert, who is a middle of the line starting TE, and have Josh Oliver returning for his sophomore season. The group could play better than they look on paper, but as of right now, none of the players really jump out.

O-Line: D+; The offensive line played better last year as they came 17th in rushing yards and 15th in sacks (I believe the low sack rate is less due to the O-line’s skill and more to do with Minshew’s ability to avoid pressure). This group is still poor though. They should have addressed the position with more urgency in the draft, but they only selected Ben Bartch at 116.

D-Line: C+; For now the Jaguars offensive line is ok. Though this may not be the case when we get to the season, as Yannick Ngakoue clearly wants out. Josh Allen played well in his rookie season, and he may be ready to make the jump in his sophomore year. They added OLB K’Lavon Chaisson in the second round of the draft, but doubt he makes a great impact in year one. The biggest downside is the defensive tackle position. This used to be a strongpoint on the jaguars team, but now it is a major weakness. With a couple stars on the D-line, they are a C+. By the start of the season, they could be a D+.

LB: B-; With Joe Schobert added to this linebacking core got a bit better. Myles Jack will now play on the outside with Quincey Williams backing him up. The question is; can Williams make the jump in his second season? Linebacker is definitely one of the better positions on the jaguars, though.

DB: D-; This secondary is a shadow of what it once was. The Jaguars lost Ramsey and AJ Bouye in the past year, and are looking to replace them with draft pick CJ Henderson. Right now we don’t know how good Henderson will be, but I doubt he will be enough to replace Jalen Ramsey. It would’ve been nice to get a big free agent, but they did not. Their safety duo of Ronnie Harrison And Jarrod Wilson is very below average. The secondary is very bad.

ST: B-; Josh Lambo is a good kicker. He’s nothing special, but he is reliable. Punting has been a shaky position for the Jaguars, though. Returning has been ok. 

Overall: C; This is the worst team in the NFL. Almost no position jumps out as a strength. I hope Gardner can take the next step as QB next year, but I doubt it. The team around him is very poor. In order to compete in the league, teams need stronger and stronger offenses. The Jaguars don’t have that. The most amount of wins I could possibly see them getting is 5. Many feel this is a tank year for the Jaguars, and they will be drafting Lawrence or Fields #1 next year. I took that into consideration when only predicting them winning two games.

Fantasy Value: DJ Chark will most likely put up good fantasy numbers. Leonard Fournette could be a good RB2 if you get him at a value. He doesn’t show enough value at RB1 due to his lack of receiving talent. Minshew has some upside at QB2 but don’t go out of your way to get him

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