Jamal Adams Trade Grades

Jamal Adams is now a member of the Seattle Seahawks. According to Adam Schefter, Seattle traded away safety Bradley McDougald, a 2021 1st Round Pick, a 2021 3rd Round Pick, and a 2022 1st Round Pick for Jamal Adams and a 2022 4th Round Pick. Now, let’s move on to the trade grades.

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Seahawks’s Trade Grade: B-

In my eyes, what the Seahawks gave up was worth a lot more than what they gained. Yet, getting arguably a top 10 defender in the NFL is never a bad deal. For Seattle, the trade makes sense. They upgraded their safety from Bradley McDougald to Jamal Adams. Not only does this make their secondary nasty, but it adds an X-factor defensive player to Seattle’s roster who can play all over the football field.

Yet, I don’t love the Seahawks having to give up two first rounders to get the deal done. Although it’s unlikely Seattle would have gotten a better player than Adams with either of those first rounders, it still stings for Seattle’s future. However, Seattle via the Jamal Adams trade has made it clear that they’re in win now mode. Plus, I think this trade makes them the new favorite to win the division.

But, another problem with this trade is that Seattle ignored the glaring holes on their defensive line. If they had shipped out those first rounders in exchange for an elite defensive lineman, they would have earned an A here, but as an upgrade at safety wasn’t a clear need for this Seattle secondary, I think a B- is a fair grade for John Schneider.

Jets’s Trade Grade: A

For the Jets, this trade is a home run. They got rid of a player who didn’t want to be a Jet in exchange for a ton of draft capital. Plus, they get an immediate replacement for Adams in Bradley McDougald, who although is nothing special, is a capable NFL starter.

The only thing holding this trade back from being an A+ for the Jets are the same things that make this trade an A, the two first round draft picks. New York has to hit on both of those picks to get their money’s worth. Although it’s unlikely they get another Jamal Adams, if they end up with two Pro Bowl type players I’d call this trade a win. Plus, it also gives New York a ton of flexibility to do whatever they want in the upcoming drafts to ensure they draft the players they think will be stars.

Additionally, with the situation that Adams was causing in New York’s locker room, it’s a great job by Joe Douglas to get as much as he did for Adams. If Adams had remained in New York, the situation would only have dragged out and become worse. Although it could be argued that the Jets management and front office initially caused the problem, I still think the Jets won the Jamal Adams trade (at least on paper). However, this trade will definitely have to be reanalyzed in the coming years to see what New York is able to do with their first round picks, and if the Jets really got the better end of the bargain.

Those are my grades, what are yours? Do you agree with me? Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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