Jared Allen's Case for the Hall of Fame

Jared Allen was one of the NFL’s best pass rushers. Allen played for four teams in his 12 seasons as a pro, and was drafted by the Chiefs 126th overall in 2004, before being traded to Minnesota in 2007 for a 2008 first round pick. Allen is probably best known for his days on the Vikings between 2008 and 2013, before signing with Chicago in 2014 and then being traded to Carolina a year later to round out his career.

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Let me start with the career accolades. Allen is a five time Pro Bowler in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012, as well as is a four time 1st Team All Pro member. His 171 career tackles for loss rank as the third most of all time, in front of Hall of Famers like Jason Taylor, Brian Urlacher, Michael Strahan, Ray Lewis, and Warren Sapp.

Plus, his 136.0 career sacks rank as the twelfth most since 1982 (the year when sacks were first recorded), in front of Hall of Famers like Lawrence Taylor, Charles Haley, Warren Sapp, Rickey Jackson, and Derrick Thomas, as well as icons like Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, JJ Watt, and Von Miller.

Additionally, his 136.0 career sacks are within four career sacks from Hall of Famers like Jason Taylor, Richard Dent, and John Randle, as well as future Hall of Famers Demarcus Ware and Terrell Suggs.

And I’m not even done yet. Allen is one of only three NFL players to have had 4 career safeties which is the most safeties by an NFL player of all time. This means that Allen has amassed more safeties than NFL legends like Kevin Greene and all time sack leader Bruce Smith.

Even with these impressive statistics, Allen’s path to the Hall of Fame is not guaranteed. For starters, his first year of eligibility is in 2021 with the likes of Charles Woodson and Peyton Manning. Therefore, his chances of being a first ballot Hall of Famer are unlikely.

Not to mention only five edge rushers have been first ballot Hall of Famers, meaning that Allen’s chances are already limited. Nonetheless, Allen’s career statistics and the utter dominance he imposed on opposing offensive lineman and quarterbacks should be enough for him to one day make the Hall of Fame.

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