Joe Burrow or The Coaching, Who Is to Blame for Poor Team Play

Joe Burrow is 0-2 to start out his NFL career, and for a strong competitor like himself, that's not up to his personal standards. Is Joe Burrow just in a poor system with terrible coaching decisions, or is he not living up to standards?

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Burrow did not come into a good situation in Cincinnati. There is no offensive line, lack of defense, questionable coaching decisions, and very little prep time for himself. Somehow he has managed to be the only spotlight with 509 passing yards and a rushing and throwing touchdown, with only one interception. He has done more than anyone thought he would do under the current circumstances, but he is slightly to blame.

Joe Burrow has missed open teammates down the field, completed catches but yet threw them in tough places to catch, and has overthrown open receivers. In Week 1, he missed a wide open A.J. Green that would've put the Bengals in the lead. But, he has also had a center who snaps the ball too high and too early, not Joe's fault. Ultimately I don't think any of this is his fault, Burrow has balled out and before the season started I was very doubtful of him and mostly all of the rookies because at the time there was no mini camp, rookie camp, or in-person meetings and workouts. Of course a rookie will have hiccups and miss a few throws.

The coaches have done a decent job tweaking the offense to their new QBs style. On his primetime debut Thursday Night, he threw the ball 61 times, he only completed 37 of those. Terrible defensive coaching led to harsh spots on the field for the offense, despite a couple great kickoff returns from Brandon Wilson. Burrow lost his starting tight end to an injury during the game, it looked like his achilles snapped after he landed after hauling in a pass, ending his 2020 season. (Skip 40 seconds in if you want to see it)(All credit goes to the creator of this video)

I understand it's going to take awhile to build a team around Joe, but what bothers me and most people is how there is a lack of blocking and defensive plays for the young QB. Spread out your offense and let the gunslinger air it out 10-15 yards down the field in a more practiced package. Let Burrow call his own plays or let him have some say because Zac Taylor and Brian Callahan aren't doing it. I could be totally wrong here because he is a rookie, but the guy won a National Championship and who has shown flashes very quickly needs a change of pace. Finally, Burrow is doing everything right and is looking good so far, the coaching is failing him and the team.

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