Justin Tucker, Harrison Butker, and Wil Lutz: the Ultimate Fantasy Football Kicker Question

At the end of your fantasy draft comes the time when the need for drafting a kicker arises. You look down your draft board and see the top tier of fantasy kickers left; the question is who do you draft? In my eyes, there are three clear kickers at the top:

Justin Tucker, Harrison Butker, and Wil Lutz. Yes, Greg Zurlein, as well as Matt Prater, or even Michael Badgley are solid options, but Tucker, Butker, and Lutz are what you’re aiming for.

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Do you notice anything special about Tucker, Butker, and Lutz that set them apart from the rest? No, it’s not that they are good at kicking field goals and extra points, but rather, they play on high scoring offenses that put them in the position to nail field goals and extra points. With that said, where do the trio rank amongst each other?

#1: Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens

Justin Tucker is clearly number one. Not only has he been elite for almost his entire career, but he has been productive and consistent for just under a decade. Last season, Tucker missed only three combined field goals and extra points in 88 tries. Also, Baltimore has one of the league’s best offenses led by Lamar Jackson that will only help Tucker kick more extra points and field goals in 2020. Therefore, due to Tucker having been in the upper echelon of fantasy kickers for the better part of a decade, as well as due to the fact that Baltimore has one of the NFL’s best offenses, look for Justin Tucker to be fantasy football’s number one kicker in 2020.

#2: Wil Lutz, New Orleans Saints

Wil Lutz vs. Harrison Butker are where things become interesting. Lutz for me is slightly over Butker based purely on his accuracy in 2019. Last season, Lutz only missed five combined field goals and extra points on 85 attempts, while Butker missed seven combined field goals and extra points on 86 attempts. Plus, I think that the Saints offense will be better than the Chiefs offense in 2020 with a better running back in Alvin Kamara, as well as an improved wide receiving corps with Michael Thomas as well as Emmanuel Sanders. Therefore, Wil Lutz is my second best kicker heading into 2020.

#3: Harrison Butker, Kansas City Chiefs

Butker is still a terrific kicker, even after slotting in at number three. Butker is part of an electric offense in Kansas City that will help give Butker many opportunities to knock the ball through the uprights. Led by Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs offense will be the reason for Butker’s success in 2020.

Even though there may be some disagreement between Lutz and Butker, the rest is clear; these elite kickers are the top tier of fantasy football kicker talent in 2020. Therefore, when you get to the 15th or 16th round of your fantasy draft remember Tucker, Butker, and Lutz as the answers to the ultimate fantasy football kicker question.

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