Kenny Golladay is the Real Deal

Last season, Kenny Golladay was outstanding, hauling in just shy of 1200 receiving yards while adding a league leading 11 receiving touchdowns. Plus, his 65 receptions made him a reliable target in the Lions offense. Yet in 2020, don’t be surprised to see Golladay continue to improve his numbers.

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For starters, Golladay put up that impressive stat line with 8 games from Jeff Driskel and David Blough. Matthew Stafford, the Lions franchise quarterback, only played the first half of the season before getting injured. Imagine what Golladay can accomplish under Stafford’s reliable play in 2020.

Additionally, Golladay’s 2019 showed that he is much more than a tall, jump ball wide receiver, but proved that he can be a reliable target in the red zone. Also, his big play ability is a good asset for any offensive unit.

Is he Megatron? No. But Golladay has proved that he is a legitimate number one wideout. He was so dominant last season that in my eyes he established himself as one of the NFL’s top ten wide receivers.

Furthermore, his ability to haul in contested catches, will allow for the Lions offense to take more risks downfield, relying on Golladay’s ability to make big plays. With all these factors working together, don’t be surprised to see Golladay tear the NFL up again and cement his name amongst the NFL’s best wide receivers.

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