Let's talk running back value for fantasy football

First of I would like to say I am sorry the past 2 posts and how they were part one's and I am not exactly getting to them, this series will be much better then any of my other posts. In depth stats of every fantasy running acl that could make an impact this year (40+).

Christian McCaffrey is an overall beast. Since coming into the league in 2017 he has had at least 650 receiving yards in each season. If you take out his rookie season which he had 435 rush yards and 651 receiving yards and 7 total touchdowns, he has a had a total of 2,485 yards rushing, 23 rushing touchdowns, 365 receptions, 2,729 receiving yards, and 10 receiving touchdowns. This just proves he is not a one year player he can do it multiple years. From a fantasy view, if you are in a PPR league which is for sure the NFL-Managed leagues and in a lot of custom leagues you just got at least 100 points just from receptions, and he is a running back, he is the soul of this teams offense. He now gets Teddy Bridgewater, instead of Kyle Allen and Cam which he had for only a few game. He gets a more composed QB, that looks for his running backs. If he is available at an pick I personally would get him.

Saquon Barkley don't need to say much except for the fact that he is the most athletic player in all of football. He lost Nate Soldier which was one of his better offensive offensive lineman. He is going to get yards and touchdowns though anyway. If you remember him at his first year at Penn State we had a horrible offensive line and he still got 1000 yds. Last season he an injury which is why his stats are down a little. Expect a 1000 yard rushing season, 600 yard receiving season, and a 15 total touchdown this season. He has Daniel Jones at QB,and now that he has one year under his belt he will be more composed in the pocket. If he is available and and McCaffrey is not I wold get him.

Ezekiel Elliot this year is a bit overrated, just a little bit. This year his backup is Tony Pollard, now if Zeke was not there Pollard I could easily see him having a 1000 yard season behind that offensive line. If Zeke was to get injured somehow Pollard would come in and probably do great and take carries away from Zeke especially at the end of the year. Last year Pollard had 455 yards on only 86 attempts and averaging over 5 yards a carry. Now Zeke if healthy he will get yards and touchdowns but I think his stats will be a little bit down this year. At QB Dak Prescott still hasn't gotten that contract that he has wanted so if he does not play Andy Dalton will be the guy. Dalton will have an offensive line that he has never had before, better receivers, an incredible running back, he would do not as good s Dak would have done but pretty close. Now that is worse case. Now what could happen is he does just as good as he did last year and is still an amazing player, ya never know though just my opinion.

Dalvin Cook you should not draft no matter what pick you are. First off he has not finished a season since coming into the league in 2017. Also at the end of the year he was splitting carries with Alexander Mattison and so you don't want a guy splitting carries, which shows the vikings don't totally believe in him. Lastly he also wants a new contract, so if he does not play then you wasted your pick, he might pull a Le'Veon Bell. Also he is not a big help in the receiving game so do not expect much from him there, with 2 total receiving touchdowns in 3 years.

Derrick Henry, just the name should make you afraid. Last year in a custom league I did with some friends and in this league it was a 2 QB league so you could start 2 QB.I drafted Andrew Luck in the first round, ya that's right, and shortly after he retired. Then I traded Derrick Henry for Ben Roethlisberger, that same week he got hurt. Then I am in desperate need of a QB and I traded Tyreek Hill for Jameis Winston, that was dumb yes I know. I still got 5th in a league of 10. I needed someone and no one was budging for their QB so I took a chance and I wish I didn't take that chance. Anyways Derrick Henry is the definition of a workhorse running back, 303 rushing attempts, he can take the workload. Now with Tannehill the starting QB the entire year he can get some relief between Corey Davis and AJ Brown and even JOnnu Smith so all eyes will not be on Derrick Henry. If yo are at pick 7 and he is available I personally would get him.

Alvin Kamara did not have that amazing year like he did the year before with 14 touchdowns, and this was without Mark Ingram taking carries away. Instead though he has Latvias Murray backing him up and those 3 weeks he was out Murray apparently was the 1 overall fantasy running back in those leagues. The Saints do like to run a 2 back game so expect them to split a lot of carries. I do expect Kamara's touchdown's to go from 5 all the way up to 12 this year and 4 receiving touchdowns. If you are at the 9 spot and he is available get him. NFL.com has him a little to igh for but if he falls to 9 he's a great pick.

Nick Chubb stay far away from. Very far. He is splitting carries with Kareem Hunt who led the league in rushing yards a few years ago. Hunt is on the field again and 6 out of the 8 weeks Hunt played he outscore Chubb in fantasy. They like Hunt more then Chubb. If hunt was not there I would say get him at 5 he's a monster but no I would not get him now. By the end of the season I expect Hunt to outscore Chubb by less then 20 points in fantasy, neither of their stats will be impressive stay away from Chubb.

Jo Mixon is a bit all over the place. Now with Joe Burrow at QB to tske some pressure off him, AJ Green is healthy and so is John Ross. If they stay healthy Mixon will have a great year. I expect Mixon to have over 1000 yards rushing 10 rushing touchdowns and 400 yards receiving and 5 receiving touchdowns. If you are at mid second round and he is available get him. The only problem is if Green and Ross get hurt and all the attention is on Mixon again.

Aaron Jones may not even be the starter at the end of the year. The Packers are stupid. Instead of getting a wide receiver to help Rodgers out they get his replacement, and then in the second when you got a guy that just had 16 rushing touchdowns you go and draft a 235 lb running back that is a complete beast and his comparison is Derrick Henry??? Packers are dumb. Jones had a great year last with 1084 yards and 16 touchdowns and almost 500 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns. But now instead they get a guy who is literally built for goal line situations. Jones is great but the packers are just dumb, he will prob have 700 yards rushing and 7 touchdowns, not horrible, but could have been twice that literally. I would not pick him at all.

Josh Jacobs will have a solid season. With the Raiders bringing in some new receivers to take the pressure of Jacobs he can have monster season. Between Henry Ruggs, Hunter Renfrow, and Zay Jones they can take a lot of pressure of Jacobs. If you are in the early second round and he is available get him, he is worth it.

Part 2 coming tomorrow around 1 eastern time and I will go over 10 more running backs.

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