Looking Into Brendan Gallagher's New Contract

Yesterday Brendan Gallagher signed a 6 year 39 million dollar deal worth a 6.5 million AAV. Gallagher is a top 10 RW in the league and a top 20 winger in the NHL. This signing was very surprising to me because I thought they broke off talks and I thought that he was done with the habs. I love this contract especially the dollar value in this deal. However this might just mean that one of Tatar or Danault could be on the outs.

Looking at this RAPM chart you can see that he is good defensively, he puts up tons of chances, and he puts up some dangerous chances. This chart also shows that he puts up a decent amount of shots but can't score on the PP. Gallagher is a great play driver who puts up a high volume of shots however, his shot isn't great (-11.6% shooting talent above average) but if he did have a good shot he would get 40+ goals a season and would be more known as an elite winger.

Looking at his player card he has a great 5V5 offensive impact, plays decent defence, is below average on special teams, he has a 2.9 WAR this season, but he has an average shot at best but he finds other ways to score. His GAR is 12 and he really helps his team especially offensively.

Looking at this you can see that he is projected to be worth every penny of his deal however I think underpaying an underrated player like Gallagher is ideal.

This deal really helps out the habs and Bergevin just committed a robbery. Now the question is: who is going to leave in free agency? I highly doubt we will have the cap space to re sign everyone and I think that a big name like Danault or Tatar is going to walk. Personally I would rather have Danault walk as even though he has more value we don't need him especially is Kotkaniemi breaks out. Hopefully we realise this and we move one of those 2 big names and get optimal value.

This deal really helps out the habs and is a great value signing. I think this will be a great deal for the habs and Gallagher will be worth every penny of this deal.

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