Madden Mobile: My Top Ten Favorite Promos

The most fun thing about promos in Madden Mobile is getting new players for your team because we're all trying to boost our overall, right? This year there have been 59 promos so far, and there's another one coming on July 22nd. This will probably be the last promo of Madden Mobile 2020, so it should be big. Until then, here are my top ten Madden Mobile promos so far:

10. NFL Combine. This promo was mostly great because some of the players from the promo were some endgame cards like the Henry Ruggs with 99 speed! There also was a Chris Johnson with 99 speed too! This promo is definitely one of my favorites.

9. Alter Egos. In the Alter Ego promo we had some of the most fun cards in the game. People think these cards are fun because they show the nickname of the player for their name, for example “Honey Badger” for Tyrann Mathieu.

8. Road to The Draft. This wasn’t really a promo, but I’m gonna include it anyway. This was really a field pass, but a field pass includes promos in it and it had players in it, so we’ll call it a promo. It had 2 grandmasters (Juju Smith Schuster and Gene Upshaw). This was the 6th field pass of the year.

7. Black Friday. We only had one master this promo, but it was a good one! We had Night Train Lane master, Dick Lane. This promo was really underrated--I didn’t play Madden when it was happening, but I know that it was good!

6. 4th of July. This promo was really recent, so it was one of the better ones we had—there were over 10 masters in this promo! I only got one, though. We also had fireworks in this promo, and they opened on July 4th. They were decent.

5. Team of the Year. We had a BUNCH of 97-98’s in Team of the Year during this promo. We also had a promo called Maddentines--but this is about Team of Year--and you could pull the 97’s out of pro packs, so that made the promo better.

4. NFL Draft. We probably had the most 100’s in one promo this whole year during this promo--we had twelve 100’s(!), including the most expensive card in the game, Nnamdi Asomugha. It was also one of the longest promos of the year, too. Also, fire card art.

3. New Years 2020. I didn’t play Madden for this promo either, but it had cool card art, good players, and it had New Years presents, so I would say that is a top 3 promo. I had a hard time debating between this promo and the next one, you will see--but unfortunately New Years ended up at number three.

2. Versus. In the Versus promo you got a free 100 and four other free 98’s. If that happened in the New Years promo, people would FREAK OUT. Plus, you got a choice between which 100 you wanted--you could have chosen a 100 WR or a 100 MLB. I took the MLB.

1. Easter. This promo was incredible because of the eggs. People were expecting like 95’s and 97’s, but they were wrong! You could pull 100’s and 99’s AND the masters for the promo were outstanding. It had 100 Night Train Lane and 100 Von Miller--they had crazy stats.

What are your favorite promos? Do you have a prediction what the next promo will be? Put your guess in the comments and SEE YOU ON THE FIELD!!!

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