Madden Mobile Offensive Schemes Part II: The Spread Offense

Last time I wrote about the smashmouth offense--the worst of the four in my opinion. I'd rank the spread next. The best part about the spread offense is that it's overpowered with play action passes. So let's count down the top five Madden Mobile cards in the spread offense.

No. 5: Odell Beckham Jr. - 99 Overall All-Decade Moments Build-up Master WR. OBJ should have more catch on his card because this card is highlighting his amazing catch vs. the Cowboys in 2016. He's only number five on my list because his speed, catch, and catch in traffic are decent, not amazing.

No. 4: Eric Ebron - 99 Overall Madden Executive Master TE. Ebron is number four on my list because his catch and speed are great for a tight end. Plus, his face on this card is cool.

No. 3: Rob Gronkowski - 100 Overall Limited Edition TE. This card's "Limited Edition" title sounds great, but it is not as great as it sounds because it's pretty easy to find on Auctions. Gronk is one ahead of Ebron on my list because his catching stats are way better, even though his speed is worse. Catching stats mean more than speed for a tight end, so here he is.

No. 2: Gale Sayers - 99 Overall Ultimate Legends Edition HB. This card is crazy because of Sayers' speed: 97. Almost no 100 halfbacks have that much speed, and Sayers is only a 99! Ultimate Legends are cool because they highlight players from every year in the NFL.

No. 1: DeAndre Hopkins (Surprise! It's not Lamar Jackson!) - 100 Overall Mega Movers Edition WR. Wow! This card surprised me with how incredible Hopkins' stats are. He has okay speed, but his other stats blew me through the roof. Amazing catching stats! Amazing accuracy! Amazing awareness! I can't say anything bad about this card!

Stay tuned for my top five vertical offense players...probably the best (and most) players, but only third best on my list of Madden Mobile offenses. Until then, see you on the field.

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